Children’s Ministry Day: Growing, Maturing, and Making Mistakes

Last week, my son, Evan, turned 9 years old.

During his lifetime, I’ve watched him grow, change, and mature.

I’ve also watched him make more than a few mistakes along the way.

That’s the nature of growth and getting older.

Evan’s mother and I regularly pray that he will learn from his mistakes and continue to mature into the man God intends for him to be.

Children’s Ministry Day is 1 year older than Evan. This February, we celebrate the 10th annual Children’s Ministry Day (CMD)!

Over the years, we’ve had thousands of children across North America participate in hands-on ministry opportunities in their communities. Children have fed the hungry, visited shut-ins, collected clothes, and helped with yard work, all in the name of following Christ and putting their love into action.

Over these 10 years of Children’s Ministry Day, we’ve seen growth, maturing, and yes, even a few mistakes along the way. But, one thing has remained constant: a call to children and their leaders to move out into their communities to do missions. While missions education is vital for the local church, we can’t stop with simply learning; we must also move into action.

This February, we hope you’ll join us in participating in Children’s Ministry Day! Then, once you’ve completed your missions work, take a few minutes to report what you’ve done at We can’t wait to hear your reports and see the photos of your children putting ministry into practice.

Also, as you post CMD photos and updates, don’t forget to hashtag us at #CMD2017! That way, countless other leaders will gain new ideas for how their GAs, RAs, and CAs can be involved in the ministry of God.

If you have questions about CMD, please email us at We look forward to helping your children do hands-on ministry!


As a husband, father, pastor, and editor, M. Steve Heartsill has used many words in his life. Hopefully, he’ll not run out of them anytime soon.


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