Get Creative to Focus on WMU

Focus on WMU week provides an annual opportunity to remind your church of the role WMU plays in the church’s missions efforts and to recognize church leaders and WMU members who are making those efforts happen.

This year, increase awareness of WMU in your church by highlighting missions activities from the past year. Include weekly ministries as well as events and trips. Here are some easy ideas you can use to engage more age groups in Focus on WMU week.

  1. Recognize your pastor, WMU leaders, and other volunteers with WorldCraftsTM gifts. After presenting the gifts, show the video “Telling the Story through WorldCrafts” to emphasize the missional nature of the selections.
  2. Use sidewalk chalk to “draw” attention to WMU efforts. Include WMU clipart-inspired graphics, maps, and Bible verses. Get children and teens involved in the effort.
  3. Highlight accomplishments creatively. Use facts and figures such as money raised, trips taken, and number of participants to create an infographic or a top-10 list. Or choose an event photo and ask members to write a creative caption for the photo. Use social media or a centrally-located bulletin board to get more church members involved.



Carrie McWhorter writes about faith and family from her home in Alabama. Visit her online at

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