Partner with Me: Take me. Show me. Let me do missions with you.

two multicultural women unpacking boxes of clothes and books

Think back a moment. Where were you when you first fell in love with missions? Who were you with? What were you doing? Was your first missions experience frightful or fulfilling? Think. What do you wish had been different? What do you know now that you wish you had known then?

Reflection resurrects details to help you make missions a positive and fulfilling experience for a new believer. Pray first for remembrance and God’s direction. Ponder what He says to you. Plan to present your insights, then participate in missions together.


Prayer should be first and foremost in everything. Listen carefully for God’s insight and direction. Trust God and obey His directions.


Sit awhile with the questions who, what, why, when, and where. Invite God to help you remember what’s most important as you plan. Write your answers to these questions in your journal and relinquish every detail to God. His plan is always best.

Consider reading the Gospels with a fresh perspective. Ask Jesus, “How did you prepare your disciples, Lord?” He delights in showing you.

Note all the questions and who is asking them. What response is given? Write down the insights you receive and pray some more.


I find the more chronologically advanced I become, the more I need to write things down. Prioritize your plan with the most important things first. Prioritizing enables you to go directly to the heart of the matter and helps you avoid the pitfall of the peripherals.           

Things to consider as you plan:

  • Spiritual preparation is primary. There are many spiritual preparation guides for missions on the web. Search for one that best suits your needs. Here’s a link to a 30-day guide based entirely on Scripture.
  • Cross-cultural preparation is necessary even if your missions project is in your hometown. Christians tend to live in a church bubble and may misunderstand circumstances, leading to hasty judgments. We best reach people for Christ by sharing His love and compassion for them rather than criticizing them. Your local Baptist association is a good resource for cultural preparation in your neighborhood. Check with your state WMU or state Baptist convention for statewide cultural information.
  • Preproject training is essential. A written plan is easy to reference and keeps your team on track. All team members need a copy. Detailing each person’s responsibilities and practicing every detail produces confidence and minimizes misunderstandings.


Embrace grace as you do missions together. Remember mistakes aren’t usually fatal; they happen to everyone and are great teaching opportunities.

Doing missions together is a beautiful and fun discipleship tool for head, heart, and hands growth. Your faith expands exponentially when you step out of your comfort zone and see firsthand the miracle of participating with God in His redemptive work.

Lucretia Mobbs resides in Portland, Tennessee. She loves watching God transform disciples through missions.

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