Perseverance and Love

myMission Perseverance and Love

It was 20 degrees outside. I thought my tired shoulders were going to crumble under the weight of a backpack crammed full of Bible story books. My legs were stiff from the cold and from walking over 15 miles the day before.

Resting wasn’t an option. I was following my determined translator all around a small rural town in western Russia. Marat was a fast walker, and if I lost him, I would be all alone in an unknown location with no way of communicating with anyone.

So I walked. And walked. And walked.

Periodically we would stop at a housing complex and leave Bible storybooks in mailboxes, lightening our packs a few books at a time. Occasionally we would see someone outside and speak with them.

The fear of getting lost may have kept my sore legs moving throughout the day. But something else had me getting up out of my warm, cozy bed every morning that week.

My first day in the country, I gave a small teddy bear to a boy whose face lit up the room when he received the gift. On the bear was printed the only Russian phrase I knew: “God loves you.”

The reason I got out of bed in Russia is the same reason I get out of bed every day back home. God loves people and has called me to share that love.

My time in Russia taught me the importance of physical and spiritual perseverance. I learned that discipleship and perseverance go hand in hand. Every time you pick up your cross, you build perseverance. Every step you take to follow Him is a step closer to becoming like Him.

In the moments when I most want to give up (at home or abroad), I have the most opportunity to truly persevere by leaning on Christ.

Amanda-Grace Schultz holds a Master’s in Theology from Campbellsville University and is passionate about missions education and discipleship. She is the Communications Specialist for Kentucky WMU.

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