The Original Storyteller

As an English major, my life is inundated with stories. From the beginning to the end of each semester, I can read anything from historical nonfiction, such as The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, to English Victorian gothic fiction, such as Wuthering Heights. In many ways, I’ve always understood that our lives are rooted in the stories we know and tell. Stories shape who we are and how we relate to others.

God is the greatest storyteller, in more ways than one. While God is unfolding each of our stories every day, He has communicated His love for us in the stories He has already told. God convicts and encourages me specifically with the story of the widow’s offering in Luke 21:1–4. The church globally celebrates the gospel story with every Easter and Christmas holiday. It is with this same story that we can live each day of our lives in redeemed freedom. I see God within the stories in movies and books I come across every day, watching His truth work through typically secular industries by stories that are usually not faith based. Our God is interested in stories of every kind.

Sometimes, however, it seems as if God is too prolific of a storyteller to be the writer of our stories. Can the Author of David’s, Moses’s, and Paul’s lives really be the same One in charge of ours? Can the same God Who oversaw the writing of those stories so many years ago use our stories in the same powerful way? The short answer: yes.

I sat down with one of my mentees to talk about how she was doing. In her early teens, she told me that she was struggling with positive body image in a world that told her exactly what she should look like. Even though retelling painful stories is never easy, I was able to give her advice through telling of my own struggles with self-confidence when I was her age. I watched her as her face slowly began to relax. God had worked His own redemptive purposes within the brokenness of my small story.

Telling stories requires some bravery. Being a storyteller for God’s bigger story when someone needs it the most requires a lot of bravery. Have confidence that each story has value and purpose in God’s eyes, and you will see the beauty of His plan as it unfolds.

Sydney Berry is a student at Samford University. She is currently living abroad with missions in mind. Her 3 favorite things are coffee, books, and cats.

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