Praying God’s Heart

Prayer is such a privilege. How amazing that we as humans are gifted with a connection to God, the ability to communicate with Him. What a mystery that the Creator of the universe somehow hears us. He listens to our concerns, our hurts, our dreams. He hears what is on our hearts. And He responds.

What about Him? What is on His heart?

We see God’s heart by looking at Jesus. When Jesus walked the earth, even with so many needs and opportunities around Him, He took time to pray. Prayer can be constant communion with God. But even Jesus took specific time to pray. He often prayed alone as in Mark 1 and Luke 5. He taught us how to pray in Matthew 6–7 and Luke 11. He prayed for others and with others as in Matthew 26 and Luke 22.

One of the greatest examples of faith is found in Jesus’ prayer in John 17. Jesus prayed for God’s glory for Himself, for His disciples, for all believers, and for those who “will believe”—people who were lost but who “will believe.” What an example of faith, of knowing and believing what hasn’t happened yet. He showed us how to believe as we pray. Jesus prayed for the lost in a way that was full of faith, and so can we.

God’s heart is for believers, for us. But God’s heart is still very much for those who have not yet believed. He hears their cries. He knows their pain. And if nothing changes, He knows their destiny. He doesn’t want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9). He loves them and knows how real hell is. Many know John 3:16: “For God so loved the world . . .” It’s so simple yet so profound. We see Jesus’ compassion for the sick, the harassed, and the helpless in Matthew 9. He teaches on the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son in Luke 15. The lost are on God’s heart.

How can we, as believers, live in such a way that the lost are on our heart as well?

It starts with prayer. And it can start today.

Lord, help us to see the lost as you do. Help us to have faith for the difference only you can make. Help us to see the lost as those who “will believe.” And help us to live in such a way that they can know you. Amen.

Laura Harper is ministry consultant to adult audiences at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions.

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