Missions at Easter

It is a blessing to be a part of what God is doing in missions through WMU. As we prepare for the season of remembering Christ at Easter, we know the power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is at work in our world today. We are drawn to love, to be light, to reach out, to share Christ, and to overcome darkness in His name. This is missions. This is our call.

I love that the offering for North American missions received at this time of year is named for Annie Armstrong. Miss Annie lived out the call of the gospel. She was a force of God’s love and power in Southern Baptist life in 1888, when she helped begin WMU.

Her biography illustrates her belief in the power of the gospel and the strength of cooperating together. She believed steadfastly in the important role of women in God’s kingdom, to serve and use their gifts for God’s glory. She loved the vulnerable and sought to go the extra mile to see God’s work accomplished. She is known for her untiring work for immigrants in Baltimore, where she lived; for Native Americans; and for women missionaries such as Lottie Moon in China.

I don’t think any leader of any organization of the distant past could have envisioned the realities we see in our world today. No one could have imagined the vast waves of immigration we are experiencing. No one would have thought of unengaged and unreached people groups dining with us in restaurants, shopping with us in local stores, being in the same schools as us, and living on the same streets as us. They might not have been able to envision the vast number of children in need of forever homes or even food for today. Can we, with the same faith, grasp the opportunities at hand and serve with all our might? Can we use our gifts for God’s glory?

Our great God has moved to open doors that only He could have opened. And He draws our hearts to His purpose. Our lives will never be the same. He has chosen us to live the gospel of love, grace, and truth in Jesus in ways that will impact eternity right where we live and around the world.

In ages past, the “missionary call” implied living overseas for a lifetime. Now, every Christian has the same potential to impact all peoples every day as we live our no longer “normal” lives. Great need with great access equals great opportunity when we serve a great God. May we trust Him today as we take the next step of faith.

Share how God is leading you to serve at LHarper@wmu.org. You are in our prayers.

Laura Harper is ministry consultant for adult audiences at WMU.

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