He Has a Plan for the New Year

Are you ready to face this New Year? If you’re like me, then you feel just a little behind and find yourself screaming, “Ahh! I can’t believe it is 2018 already!”

The good news for you and for me is that God is still God and He has a plan. I wonder what our great God has in store for us this year. What exciting opportunities will He bless us with? What difficult days will He walk through with us? What surprises, challenges, rewards, or even blessings undeserved might come our way?

If you are like me, then you have seen enough good and bad in the world to know that they both exist. God’s goodness is so good. But the bad in the world is so . . . bad. As we look ahead into this year, we may wonder which way the balance will tip. Wherever you are today, whatever you are experiencing, God is with you. And He has a plan. The gospel holds true today and offers hope for tomorrow. His light always wins over the darkness. Love triumphs over evil!

As I write today, I have just returned from being with a missions group locally. I reflected on how I am blessed as we prayed together. I was encouraged as we shared victories. I was challenged as I saw how God is using this amazing group of women. I heard stories from the group’s mission action involvement—women serving with English as a second language, Hispanic ministries reaching families, lives of precious little ones truly being saved through a pregnancy testing center, young mothers being mentored and having their needs met, addictions being broken, second chances being given, and loved ones being carried through difficult seasons of illness and brokenness. The list went on and on.

God’s will happens one moment at a time, one life at a time. It is His work. The mission of God is His mission. We simply have a part. If the challenges seem too big for us this year, we can know that God is the One redeeming lives, even ours. Nothing is too difficult for Him. He wants to use us, in one way or another, every day of our lives. May we reflect His love and salvation with every breath. May we trust Him with whatever comes in 2018. And may we do it together.

Let us know what God is doing this year. We love to pray for myMISSION groups all over the country! Write me at LHarper@wmu.org.

Laura Harper is ministry consultant to adult audiences at WMU. She loves her family, coffee, chocolate, and all things missions.

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