Extraordinary Blessings in Ordinary Places

I like to consider myself a person who delights in the simple pleasures of life. A cup of coffee in the morning, a hug from a friend, or an afternoon spent driving with my windows down can lift my spirits more than an expensive trip to a spa or any sort of “retail therapy.”

Recently the Lord has been teaching me to see these small comforts as they are meant to be seen: as blessings from Him. Second Corinthians 1:3 says God is the “God of all comfort” and James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” So it is obvious that any happiness we derive from the little things, as long as they are free from sin, comes as a gift from the Lord.

My awareness of God’s good gifts has resulted in even more blessings. Whenever I hear the wind blow through the trees, I know God is with me because He knows that is my favorite sound. An encouraging note or word comes to me from seemingly nowhere when I need it the most. Though some people would say this is merely coincidence, I know that I have a God Who knows me more deeply than anyone else and delights in revealing His presence.

The temptation is to focus on God’s gifts, but if you do that, then you miss out on the biggest blessing of all: being connected constantly to God’s presence. The purpose of each of His gentle caresses is to remind you of Him. When you experience these moments, you can truly start to understand God as Father in a more relational way than ever before.

Never assume that God’s activity is restricted to only big life-changing moments or sweeping bouts of emotion. God is more than capable of acting in and among your ordinary life. In fact, I sometimes learn more about Him and myself from the context of the ordinary than the extraordinary. I encourage you to find out how God is speaking to you. Is it through another person? Through a certain song or sound? An amazing view or a quiet walk? Ask God to reveal Himself to you in the small things, and I think you will find that He has been revealing Himself to you all along.

Sydney Berry is a student at Samford University. She is currently living abroad with missions in mind. Her 3 favorite things are coffee, books, and cats.

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