A City on a Hill

So I just moved to a new city and it is vastly different from the place I came from. Along with its special climate (hot and hotter), this new city has various types of buildings that are unfamiliar to me; a different style of dress—for the women in particular; working hours that are not the same as the ones I am accustomed to; and a different language I do not understand (yet).

But out of all these new-to-me observations, I think the one that hits me the hardest is that two distinct kinds of people live here. Now, I’m not talking ethnicities or culture because this place is probably more akin to a melting pot than anywhere in the United States really. No, the two kinds of people I recognize here are those who are living in deception and those who are living in the truth. This difference is much more evident here than where I came from, though the same thing can be said about both places, or any place for that matter.

The simplest way I can think of putting it is this: There are those on this earth who are perishing without Christ Jesus and those who are being saved by God’s grace through faith in Him.

It is important to be observant of the world around you so that, as a believer in Christ, you can be like a city on the hill. You, believer, are the light of the world, because the Light dwells in you. If you are not observant of what is going on around you or prayerfully considerate of how your words and actions affect those around you, how bright of a light do you think you will be?

The point of being observant of your surroundings and the people within them is that you can effectively share the life-giving truth of the gospel: We are spared the punishment of our sins when we believe in Jesus Christ because Jesus took on our punishment and shame at the cross and conquered death through his resurrection. His blood cleanses us. Our relationship with God is restored, and so we are saved from eternal separation from God.

It could become easy to get wrapped up simply observing what is happening around you. But I urge you, and myself, not to be so focused on observing your surroundings and the people around you that you would neglect interacting with those same people on a personal level. Are you involved with those around you or merely a passive observer? Be that city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

​Shaniqua Gerber* has lived for two years in Sub-Saharan Africa and now works with North African and Middle Eastern Peoples.



*Name changed. 

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