Shift to Something New

young woman riding a bicycle at sunset

What an amazing summer. We have been thinking about trying something new by finding a change of scenery, discovering new faces, and expanding our outlook. How has God been leading you? Have you seen anything new? How has God been leading your family? Your church? Your myMISSION group?

God always leads. Sometimes it is challenging to see His hand at work in the world or to recognize how He is working in our day-to-day life, but it is an eternal truth that God is always working. How have you seen God at work this summer?

For many leaders, August is a time of transition, finishing one year and getting ready to start another. At WMU, we work to prepare leaders for how God will use them in their missional calling in their church and community, especially as we begin new opportunities in September.

Are you plugged in? Do you know what God wants you to do this year in your service to Him?

I’m sure it isn’t too late to begin a new group or offer to help an existing one. Most ministries and missions efforts rely on volunteers. There is always a place for one more.

God has a plan. He has created you with His mission in mind. What might His plan for you be? How could God use you?

Serving God in missions this year may mean investing in a child, a teenager, another young adult, or even someone older than you.

It may be offering some of your time, talents, and energy to a new project or need.

It may mean using your gifts of compassion, teaching, planning, prayer, study, or giving.

It may even involve an interest you have such as crafting, sewing, exercising, traveling, reading, or shopping.

Missions can be both fun and fulfilling! It may even be trying something new.

Whatever it is, let us serve together with all our strength. It is never too late. The world needs us and God has chosen us to be salt and light. May nothing stop us as we find the next step in our walk with our God on mission.

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