Qualified to Do Missions

people walking across a crosswalk

When I was 16, I traveled with my church’s youth choir to Minneapolis to partner with a church in the inner city. Our purpose for being there was to help the church in its efforts to reach its community. While we were there, our group had the opportunity to participate in an outdoor cookout and concert for the neighborhood. The turnout was amazing; we saw people encouraged and loved and supported. We saw people come to Christ. The Holy Spirit was working in big ways.

While many parts of that evening were impactful, something that stood out to me was watching how God moved through my peers. I remember watching my church family serving this neighborhood and seeing how God was using each member to serve people in unique ways. I was blown away watching them be vessels of God’s love. And it was by watching them that I understood that missions is the call for every Christian.

Sometimes we make missions complicated. We think that only those who are “superspiritual” are qualified to “do missions.” But really the only qualification that is required is obedience to the Great Commission. That night, I saw my church family—comprised of men and women, young teenagers and adults, different ethnicities and backgrounds, mature Christians and new believers—come together to minister in the name of Jesus. We all participated in Christ’s mission that night—the mission to seek the lost and to offer His love and forgiveness to a broken world. And it was amazing! The only thing we had to do to get there was to be willing and obedient.

This command is for you, too. Don’t let the enemy convince you that you aren’t qualified to join in the mission of spreading the gospel. If you know Christ, the mission is for you. The only thing required is that you are willing to go and be used wherever God is leading you, whether that be to inner-city Minneapolis, across the ocean to a foreign land, or down the street with your neighbors. God uses all His children to spread His redemption. We are all invited into the mission. The question is, will you respond?

Selah Ulmer is a seminary student in Kansas City, Missouri. She desires to see people of all ages know the Lord deeply and apply His Word to their lives.

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