Moving Our Nets

man casting a net at sunset

Writing comes naturally to me. Pen on paper or fingers on the keyboard, when an idea comes to mind and I’m fleshing out an article or blog post, I’m in the zone.

What I’m learning the longer I follow God though is that He is one storyteller I will never be able to match. Try as I might to write my own story, in reality, God continually asks me to give Him the pen instead. While most days it’s hard, when I remember what He’s done, I can’t help but surrender.

I think back on how this 4-year journey that began with me coming to South Asia as a college student with a God-given desire to go overseas is ending with me leaving as an adult with a hunger to tell the gospel to anyone who has 2 ears and will listen.

God calls all of us to step out in faith and do new things so that the gospel would multiply to every nation, tribe, and language. Whether it’s across the street or across the world, the gospel is the greatest story ever told that so many have yet to hear.

Doing new things for the sake of the gospel isn’t easy. Going up to a stranger in a park and starting a conversation or going up to the security guard on a college campus in hopes of going on to campus still gives me jitters now and then. But missions truly begins when we step out and try something to see if it will advance the gospel.

Even Jesus told His disciples to do a new thing after His resurrection. Peter and some of the other disciples had gone out to fish, returning to what was not a new thing for them. But then, Jesus (whom they didn’t yet recognize) told them to move their net to a new side of the boat.

“So they cast it, and now they were not able to haul it in, because of the quantity of fish” (John 21:6).

What could happen in missions if we moved our nets to new sides?

What could happen if we tried new things for the sake of the gospel?

May we trust God enough to try new things, knowing that when He tells us to move our nets, we won’t fail.

Emily Todd* is a cross-cultural worker serving among the people of South Asia.

*Name changed.

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