Chin Up: Show God’s Love by Investing in New Relationships

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I struggled to think of a single name to write in the blank of my guided prayer journal. “Name three people you interact with on a weekly basis that need to know of God’s love,” read the day’s assignment. I filtered through the people I would see that week, trying to think of someone to write in the blank.

All my coworkers professed Christ and my children went to a Christian day care. My Wednesday nights were filled with church-centric ministries and those in my Friday afternoon mommy group were all Christians. Then, on Sunday, I would attend a couple of programs filled with—you guessed it—other believers.

Without realizing it, I had managed to sink into a very comfortable Christian existence, surrounded by like-minded believers and almost completely void of non-Christian interactions.

I put the pen down and picked up a new personal goal: to invest in the lives of those who did not yet know God’s love. It took me a little while to find my stride, but I found God was already opening doors to this new perspective and the vehicle He uses is new relationships. You, too, can create opportunities for new relationships.

Swerve out of Your Rut!

Your routine is comfortable, but God is calling you toward bigger things your schedule might allow. Try these suggestions to help you initiate new relationships:

  • Enroll in a new group fitness class at a nearby fitness center.
  • Join a book club in your community.
  • Begin a part-time job or volunteer with a secular organization.
  • Keep your chin up! Stop looking at your phone and strike up a conversation with someone in the waiting room, in the checkout line, or on a walk.

Be Genuine in Your Interest

Everyone has a story, but more importantly, every person’s story can be radically changed by God’s love. Your job is to simply point toward that love.

  • Ask how you can pray for the person you meet and then write the request down while you are with her.
  • Pray for that person’s needs.
  • Follow up with your new friend and ask how you can help meet her physical needs.
  • Offer your contact information or mention the name of your church. Mention a specific way she would fit in with that group of believers.

Help with First Steps

God calls us to help make disciples, a process that involves us mentoring those weaker in the faith. Help your new friend take the first steps by advocating for her continued spiritual growth.

  • Invite your friend to join a Bible study or small group.
  • Introduce her to other believers in a similar season of life or with similar interests.
  • Be a source of regular encouragement with weekly conversations, emails, or texts.
  • Be a friend who speaks the truth in love.

You’ll likely find that investing your time and resources in the life of a nonbeliever will yield eternal return. When we allow God to reprioritize our lives and pull us from our regular routines, we are suddenly open to a host of new opportunities to show His love.

Jamie H. Wilson is a freelance writer in South Carolina who enjoys her group fitness class and loves the new friends she has made there.


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