Be Transformed by His Presence as You Worship

young woman in a worship service

My heart was heavy as I sat down in my chair. The weekend occurrences filled my mind, and my thoughts swirled with conversations, hurt, and questions of “where do we go from here?” Walking into the church building that morning, I faked my smiles and hellos. “How are you?” “Oh good,” I replied, knowing that wasn’t true. I wasn’t OK.

As the music for “What a Beautiful Name” began to play, I said a prayer asking Jesus to meet me there, in that moment in time and my hurt. The lyrics began to cover my heart and comfort me with truth. Hearing the gospel pour over me powerfully at that moment reached down to my heart and the room felt holy. Slowly, my faint, tired song joined with my community as the church in unison bellowed the words, proclaiming them over the kingdom on earth.

These moments of worship are so holy to me, the moments when we come as we are—letting go of pretense and facades and simply sitting before the throne of God with all our brokenness, messes, and hurt. Sitting before Him being overwhelmed with the way His heart meets ours. Worshipping Him because of who He is—the God who formed the galaxies, creates order in our world, and pursues each one of us relentlessly with His salvation and hope. This mighty God looks at me and sees me. In my moment of brokenness, He pours love and hope over me.

Look for Worship

Worship is not just a moment of song. Worship can be found in the corners of our world. In our day if we look for it. The moments when we pause and connect with our holy and mighty God. When the biblical figures of our history encountered God, it was powerful and they were changed. To be in His presence was so powerful, some men even died (which is such a wild idea to think of). But I think about Moses, who met with God and talked to Him on the mountain. When he came away from such an encounter, his face shone with the glory of God; it beamed from his countenance. I wonder what that looked like—a man with a shining face. I wonder how it changed him emotionally and spiritually. From that moment forward, after seeing the glory of God, Moses was changed (Ex. 34:29–35).

I want that.

To meet with God in a way that changes me. To encounter His holiness in a transformative way where I realize how big and powerful God is. To experience the radical transformation as a result of being fully loved by Him. Sitting in His presence changes me, not because of my striving or my attempts at righteousness but because of who He is.

Be Known by Him

Sit in His presence and throw aside your fake impression of who you want to be or who you think you should be and truly allow yourself to be seen and known by Him. Worship Him for who He is—a God who enters into your world, your day, your heart and sets healing, love, grace, forgiveness, and hope in motion.

Where do you encounter the presence of God? Is it on a mountain or in a pew? When you encounter Him, are you allowing your true self to be known by Him? What can you lay before His altar today allowing the holy, powerful, and redeeming God to meet you there?

Abi Khavari is a mother of 2 who lives in Denver, Colorado. After serving overseas, she followed her call back to the States and has been ministering to her family and community. Right now, her missions field extends from tucking her toddlers in with hymns and prayers to gathering women together in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) to share their hearts and their journeys. Follow her on Instagram @abifaith18 to read more thoughts and blogs.


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