Giving Up My Life

“We aren’t sure what’s wrong,” said the emergency room doctor.

I’d been experiencing four days of abdominal pain accompanied by a low-grade temperature.

“Your doctor said it could be your appendix leaking infection.” He paused. “But we aren’t sure what that soft mass is.”


Something inside my abdomen blocked the CT scan from revealing anything. Exploratory surgery was required.

The anesthesiologist took my arm and said, “Think of your best dream.”

Thinking of my best dream wasn’t going to cut it. In those last alert seconds, I thought of my Heavenly Father. I pictured my Savior holding my hand, and I told Him how much I loved Him. If it was time for me to leave this earth, I wanted Him—the One Who gave me life and the One Who could take it back.

I woke to discover that indeed my appendix had been leaking infection. No cancer. Organs were misplaced due to my body trying to block off the infection, and that is what resembled a soft mass. The leaking infection had blocked the CT scan.

All was okay.


Shelli Littleton lives in Royse City, Texas, and blogs at






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