Well Project - Haiti

Meeting Needs in Haiti

Andy Birchfield and his team at the Children’s Hope orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti, currently care for 23 orphans. Soon, with the completion of another house, they will provide for 60 children.

However, up until this past year, they could not supply these dozens of children and their staff with clean water. Though they were working to satisfy the spiritual needs of their community, simple physical needs were going unmet.

Pure Water, Pure Love partnered with Children’s Hope to dig a well and install a filtration system that not only provides for the orphanage but also the entire community. The system produces 50 gallons of clean water per minute, giving the community of Jacmel their first taste of pure water. They have even trained staff and other locals to operate the system, giving the community a sense of empowerment.

More than that, this rush of clean water has opened doors for the missionaries in Jacmel to share the name of Jesus, the true Living Water, with the community. Through telling the community members that this water was provided out of Christ’s pure love, they have seen 14 members of the community come to faith in Christ.

The team at Children’s Hope has discovered that the best way to meet the vital spiritual needs of people is to follow the example of Jesus’ ministry on earth—provide for their physical needs. That is the goal of PWPL well projects in communities all around the world.

Children’s Hope is partnered with First Baptist Church Montgomery, Alabama.

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