Project Idea: Luau

Luau raising money for Pure Water Pure Love

Aloha! Spread awareness about PWPL by hosting a luau at your church! Giant leis, funny games, and delicious food are a great way to get everyone in your church involved in this ministry.

This project idea involves an emphasis period where church members collect pocket change (and folded money, of course). At the end of this period, the church hosts a luau where church members bring their donations and celebrate how God has graciously multiplied their resources to help provide clean water for missionaries and villages around the world.

Here’s what your church can do:

Decide on a date for the luau as well as the emphasis period. It could be a weeklong emphasis or an entire quarter. An example period could be beginning the emphasis in May and having the luau at the end of the summer.

  • Start promoting.
  • Give out flyers to let your church members know about PWPL and your event.
  • Make announcements during your service.
  • Create (or use the ones located on the resource page) labels for water bottle and jugs. Place these bottles/jugs around your church and pass them out for people to take home. This would be a great activity for your GAs and RAs.
  • Send out letters informing church members (or even other churches in the area) about PWPL and your event.

Decide on a menu.

  • Sample menu (click for recipes):
  • Keep it simple. Allow everyone to participate in the meal by providing the main meat and having a sign-up sheet for salad, desserts, drinks, bread, etc.
  • Consider decorations. Most party stores have lots of leis, tablecloths, and other fun decorations year-round. If you’re on a tight budget, look around your church to see what you already have, like that Polynesian-style hut from a VBS years ago.

Plan games and other fun activities.

  • Have a jug filled with change. Guests must guess the weight and amount of money for the jug. The guest who guesses the closest in each category gets a prize.
  • Have a costume competition. Give out awards for the following:
    • “Island Girl”—prettiest luau outfit
    • “Hawaii 5-0”—coolest luau shirt
    • Little “Island Girl”—most flowered outfit (girls 12 and under)
    • “Surfer Boy”—best luau shirt (12 and under)
    • “Chiquita Banana”—most fruit on an outfit
    • “Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Tourist on Waikiki Beach”
    • Love Boat Award—most colorful couple
  • Have a relay race. Choose a variety of clothing and beach accessories to put in the hula hoops such as oversized Hawaiian shirts, swim trunks, grass skirts, swim goggles, silly visors or floppy hats, leis, and goofy beach bags. Each team member must run to the hula hoop, put on all the items, run to the starting line and back, take off the items, and put them back in the hula hoop. Each team member repeats this.

Plan how you will promote PWPL. 

Feel free to use some or all of these ideas. Above all, be creative! Dream big and allow God to do the impossible at your church.

Inspiration: Joyce Morse, Northside Baptist Church, Douglas, Georgia

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