Global Hunger Relief

Global Hunger Relief supports projects across North America, like the Good Samaritan Food Bank in North Georgia, who serves those “on the margin” of life. Give on Global Hunger Sunday on October 8 and 100% of every dollar goes directly toward meeting hunger needs.

One in seven people in the U.S. access food banks to help meet their needs. (Hunger in America 2014)

One out of six children—roughly 100 million—in developing countries is underweight. (The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015)

Click here for global hunger ideas you, your family, and your church can use and check out these additional resources:

Understanding Global Hunger: Churchwide Event (Download)

Explore the issues related to world hunger at a churchwide Global Hunger Event with this downloadable resource. This pack contains plans for an experiential hunger meal adapted in an age-appropriate way for preschoolers through adults. Also available in Spanish; see below.

Comprendiendo el hambre global: Evento para toda la iglesia (Understanding Global Hunger, Spanish translation) (Download)

Se proveen planes para un evento de concientización para adultos y adolescentes (un “banquete del hambre global”), niños (adaptación del banquete, apropiada para su edad) y preescolares (maneras de aprender sobre el hambre según su nivel de comprensión). Se incluyen ideas para proyectos relacionados con aliviar el hambre. Disponible solamente como descarga.

Provides plans for a churchwide world hunger awareness event for adults and students (experiential hunger meal), children (age-appropriate adaptation of the meal), and preschoolers (ways to learn about the issue of hunger at their level of understanding). Includes project ideas related to hunger locally and globally. 

Teaching Preschoolers About Hunger (Download)

4-week study, preschoolers and their teachers and/or parents will gain new insights about missions discipleship that helps others. Unfortunately, hunger is a social issue and physical need that touches both our country and our world. Yet even preschoolers can learn to reach out to those who suffer from the pain of hunger. By using this downloadable, interactive 4-week study, preschoolers and their teachers and/or parents will gain new insights about missions discipleship that helps others. All churches will benefit from this downloadable resource.

e4: Responding to Hunger (Download)

Help children engage, explore, expand, and experience hunger relief missions efforts with e4: Hunger Relief. Developed with simplicity in mind, this unit offers enough material for up to four weeks of customizable lessons. The unit begins with children engaging in Bible study and a prayer experience. Following the Bible study, children will explore and expand hunger relief efforts of both North American and International missionaries through stories and activities designed to help children discover, investigate and construct new understandings of missions. During the fourth week of study, children can experience missions through one of the suggested missions projects. As a bonus, suggestions for family missions projects and take home activities are included to bridge learning between the church and the family.

Bread Banks for Global Hunger Relief

Fight global hunger by collecting money in the official Bread Bank for Global Hunger Relief, and help feed people! Your church, school, or community group can fight world hunger together by collecting money in the official Global Hunger Relief Bread Bank. All banks are US manufactured using FDA-approved plastic. The top of the bank pulls off easily, making this a highly reusable product year after year. Information for placing future orders or receiving additional resources on world hunger is imprinted on the bottom of each bank. For more information, visit

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