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September 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


September Bible Study: Unshakable Pursuit

Let girls research Paul’s missionary life, especially his speech in Athens related in Acts 17:16–34. Girls may also search for specific Bible passages and other blogs that relate to the theme.

Challenge Acteens to answer the following questions through their research:

  • What was Paul’s unshakable pursuit?
  • How can modern believers follow Paul’s example?
  • Why is it important for Christians to keep developing a relationship with God?
  • How can we know God more?
  • How does God show His unconditional love to us?
  • How can we show God’s love to others?
  • What does it mean to be a disciple who makes disciples?
  • Why is disciple-making important?
  • How can believers live out their faith in Christ?
  • Why do the words unshakable pursuit describe how Jesus calls His followers to live?

Guide Acteens to explore the new WMU emphasis Unshakable Pursuit.

  • Click here for general information and resources. 
  • Click here for an Unshakable Pursuit promotional video. 
  • Click here for how Unshakable Pursuit relates to Acteens. 

Help Acteens assemble the information they have gathered in a creative way to challenge themselves and your church family to an unshakable pursuit of Jesus Christ. Ideas include planning and shooting a music video, creating a slide presentation, or designing a bulletin board collage.

Talk to your church WMU director about letting your Acteens group introduce this new theme to your church family. Also consider designing group T-shirts with the theme printed in large letters. Challenge Acteens to be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks them about the T-shirt design while they wear it.


September Spiritual Growth: Online Accountability

Lead your Acteens to discuss how their internet usage and online behavior impacts their personal witness.

Ask Acteens to share how often they use the internet. What social media platforms do they engage on a regular basis? How many people do they interact with regularly online?

Talk about the ways people display online behaviors that are not kind, compassionate, or grateful, and do not reflect Christ. Which of these behaviors tempt your girls when they are online?

Have a volunteer read 2 Corinthians 10:5. Remind girls that God wants us to surrender every area of our lives to Him. Talk about how girls’ online behavior might impact their personal witness. Does their internet usage follow the standards of 2 Corinthians 10:5 or does it detract from their witness? Discuss ways to share good news online without false humility, arrogance, or boasting. Discuss ways to share opinions and struggles without complaining or being unkind.

Pair up girls and challenge them to be accountability partners for their internet usage and online behavior. It is a good idea to pair girls together who have similar internet patterns and use the same social media platforms. Have pairs talk with each other about their typical internet usage, how often they are online, when, and why. Encourage girls to share any particular struggles they have and brainstorm some ways to help one another. Ideas include writing encouraging things on each other’s social media profile, sending private messages to address an inappropriate post, or meeting together periodically to update each other on their progress.


September Missions Focus: Explore Appalachian Mountain Ministry

Guide Acteens to learn more about Appalachian Mountain Ministry (AMM) online.

Divide Acteens into teams based on the number of internet-enabled devices (laptops, tablets, computers) you have available. Girls may also use their smartphones.

Instruct teams to visit to learn more about Appalachian Mountain Ministry. Have girls refer to the mission story beginning on page 22 of Sept/Oct/Nov 2018 The Mag for specific ideas for search requests.

Assign each team one of the following ministries to learn more about. These ministries serve the poor in Appalachia. Girls may find information on the ministries’ websites or in news articles through a search engine. If there are other ministries that interest your Acteens on let them research those as well.

Have teams compare notes about what they learned.

  • Where is the ministry headquarters?
  • Who runs the ministry? Who else is involved?
  • What programs or services are offered? How do these empower the people being served?
  • What services do these ministries have in common?
  • What stands out about each one?
  • How are these ministries connected to AMM?

Have Acteens find email addresses for ministry leaders at each of the ministries you researched including AMM. Some ministries may also have a contact form on their website. Have Acteens work together to write a note of encouragement and thanksgiving to send to each ministry, using specifics from their research. Have a volunteer type these notes and email them to the ministries with the subject “Thanks from Acteens at (your church name).” Send only one email to each ministry so their inbox will not be inundated with individual emails.


September Hands-On Missions: Christmas Backpacks Quick Links

Christmas Backpacks (

How to Pack a Backpack (

Backpack Partners (


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