This Month in Acteens

March 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


March Bible Study: Unity and Social Media/Print Communications

If most of your girls have smartphones, tell them in advance to plan to use them during the session.

Invite girls to look at their own social media or at news outlets to find words and/or situations they think are divisive—unkind, unloving, hurtful, etc. Encourage them to share examples. Suggest that they take care not to reveal names of people who have written unkind posts.

Discuss the following:

  • Is it better to remain silent or to respond with a kind answer? How do you decide?
  • How should you respond to (or initiate posts about) people you know? About people you don’t know well or even at all?
  • What do you think is a person’s motivation for posting hateful words?
  • Do you think people who post such things are dealing with any of these emotions: fear, hatred, desire to feel secure, desire to connect with people who have similar feelings, desire to look outspoken? What else?
  • What kinds of things should you avoid posting? Why?
  • It’s a bit cliché now, but what would Jesus post? Why?
  • How can you initiate posts that are positive, inclusive, and kind?
  • How can managing your social media posts contribute to unity and avoid divisiveness?


March Spiritual Growth: Trust Games

Several websites provide ideas for trust games. Games for Youth Groups provides instructions for two dozen games. Many of them do not require any supplies, or they require minimal supplies. You can use them in this session or at other times.


March Missions Focus: Christ Community Church Quick Link

Students will gain a better understanding of Brian Mahon’s positive ministry by exploring Christ Community Church’s website


March Missions Focus: About Boston, MA

Show a travel YouTube video about Boston. Expedia offers one here. Or choose your own. Watch the video in advance to make sure you approve of all of it and that it is the length you desire.


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