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November 2017 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


November Bible Study: What Becoming Like Christ Looks Like?

Share a time lapse video. Share your own, search for one online, or view “Teddy Ages 0-1” on YouTube.

Point out that babies pretty much lie still until they get strong enough to maneuver around. The same is true for baby believers in Christ; they pretty much lie still while the other believers are serving and doing and loving others. But then the moment arrives when baby believers begin to grow in their faith; they can speak and talk and do things.

Read Ephesians 4:14–27. This passage outlines practical things maturing believers should be doing in their daily living.

Give yourself an assessment in each of the areas that were mentioned in the passage. Are you a dependent infant or do just some of your parts work or have you matured into a whole body believer?


November Mission Focus: Letter to My Future Self Quick Links

“The Story of Resonate: A Film about Collegiate Church Planting” This tells the story of a couple that answered the call to serve as church planters in the Northwest.

“Lifepoint Delaware Launch Video” This emphasizes the partnerships between sending churches and NAMB and a new church plant launch in Delaware.

“The Salt Network” This emphasizes how churches multiply on collegiate campuses and through student ministries.


November Mission Focus: Role of Collegiate Church Planters Quick Link

“The First 10 Days: How to Successfully Connect with New Freshmen” 


November Mission Focus: Collegiate Worship Gatherings Quick Link

“Salt Company Kickoff 2015” This short video depicts a worship gathering on a college campus.

“Candeo Baptism Highlight” This short video depicts some college students sharing their profession of faith and getting baptized. Some of these stories mention drug use and criminal activity and emotional distress.

“Baptism Montage” This short video depicts a worship gathering and college students celebrating being baptized.

“Elevate 2016” This is a short video where college students talk about getting a variety of different jobs (in Southern California) during the school year, but spend their summers serving and living missionally and church planting. The students talk about how their faith grows in the midst of everyday living.

“Baptism February 2016” This is a short video that depicts college students getting baptized and participating in the Lord’s Supper.


November Mission Focus: Life-on-Life Relationships Quick Link

“Fights, Nights, and Refrigerator Rights” 

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