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July 2018 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


July Bible Study: What Is Your Love Language?

Plan for students to take the 5 Love Languages quiz for teenagers at There is an online version and a downloadable PDF version of the quiz.

If your meeting room has Wi-Fi, students can do this quiz at the beginning of the session. Tell students to bring smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices. Arrange to bring extra so everyone will have access. The quiz doesn’t take long, so first arrivers could take the quiz and then allow others to use the same device. If your room does not have Wi-Fi, contact students in advance with the link and ask them to take it at home before this session.

As students arrive, direct them to take the love languages quiz; or, if they’ve already taken it, tell them to sign in on the whiteboard with their initials and their love language. When everyone has completed the quiz, look at the sign-in board and see how many of each love language preference is represented in your Acteens group. (You may want to keep this information for future reference. Then you can show love to your students—serving them—in the way they most prefer.)

After discussion about the students’ preferred way to receive love, point out that often we want to show love to others the way we like to receive it. Our gifts may connect to the way we like to receive and give love. Ask: What are some ways we can show love to others in the way we prefer to receive love?


July Missions Focus: Language Learning

Spend some time learning to speak a little German. One easy to use website is (Babbel is also an app that girls might already have downloaded on their personal devices.)

Students can bring their own electronic devices, take turns, or work together. After all have spent some time trying to hear, read, and speak German, discuss the experience with questions like these:

  1. How long do you think it would take you to feel fluent in German?
  2. What would motivate you to invest the time in becoming fluent in another language?
  3. Would you learn another language to tell someone about Jesus?
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