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March 2019 Extra Options

Enhance your Acteens meeting with these extra online options for this month in Acteens.


March Bible Study: Sending Hope

The Lord has brought the nations to us. Spark a discussion about reaching the world right here at home!

Discuss the multicultural nature of the United States. Point out that the nations have truly come here in search of many different things: many for refuge, for a better life, for family, for the American dream. Just because we don’t always think of the United States when we think of going to the nations, it doesn’t mean we can’t change our mindset.

Take a moment and point out some of the immigrant populations in your community. Then take a moment to pray that the Lord will use your Acteens to help show Jesus to the nations living in your midst. Some immigrant populations have thriving churches, but others are starving for the truth of the gospel, ignored or forgotten by many churches simply because they don’t understand them.

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering seeks to support missionaries who are reaching out to individuals all around our country—as the harvest is plentiful but so often the workers are few.

We pray for various parts of the world every week and this month we’re focusing on Portland. But don’t forget to pray for the lost right there under your nose. Encourage your Acteens to reach out to the lost at school, particularly those who seem to live life on the outskirts and those who might not be from here. The Lord has brought the nations to us; like Tabitha, let’s take advantage of it!



March Missions Focus: Portland Fast Facts

Before your meeting, enlist one or more Acteens to visit to gather fast facts and a summary of the unique challenges of doing ministry in Portland.

After your group discusses these statistics, discuss how this information changes the way they’ll pray for Josh and Amy Carter. Hopefully, this will inspire Acteens to become more intentional about how they pray for the missionaries and how they view their own missionary opportunities close to home.

Tip: Sharing some of these fast facts on Instagram or other social sites is a great way for girls to encourage their friends to pray as well.



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