Camp Stories

Stories are one of the best parts of camp. They are often told around the campfire, while sitting on bunk beds in the cabin, or in the camp chapel. The stories at camp can be silly, scary, make-believe, or real. They might be told just for fun or to get a point across to the campers. Good storytellers are a must at camp!

Mission Stories in Mission Friends

Each week in Mission Friends, you will find mission stories to tell to preschoolers during Group Time. The mission stories help preschoolers hear about the missionaries and their work here in North America and across the world. Group Time is recommended for threes, fours, and kindergartners; but even with younger preschoolers, you might say a sentence from the mission story as they participate in a session activity. Use the suggestions in Mission Friends Leader for Group Time with your preschoolers. All of these stories are real and will help you lead preschoolers to grow a heart for missions.

Free Downloadable: Group Time Tips

Download Group Time Tips  for ideas for Group Time in Mission Friends, including tips for telling the mission stories.

Group Time Sit-Upon

Do your preschoolers sit on the floor for Group Time? It helps to have something to mark their places to sit during Group Time, especially at the beginning of the year. Make these quick and easy sit-upons for preschoolers to use in Group Time. No sewing involved!


  • flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth (60-by-102-inch tablecloth makes 12 sit-upons)
  • batting
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • yardstick
  • marker


1. Cut two 14-inch squares from vinyl tablecloth. (Use the yardstick to draw straight edges.)

2. Cut one 14-inch square from batting.

3. Place one tablecloth square on a flat surface, vinyl side down.

4. Layer the batting square next.

5. Add the second tablecloth square, vinyl side up.

6. Place duct tape along one edge.

7. Fold the duct tape to the back to enclose all layers.

8. Repeat for each edge.

We hope your preschoolers enjoy a place to sit while they hear the mission stories in Mission Friends!


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