Pursuing God through Prayer

The baby was born in late spring. Every day when his mother came home from work, she would put him in his stroller and take him for a walk. They loved to walk around the pond and look for ducks. She would say, “God made the ducks. Thank You, God, for ducks.”

All too soon, the weather changed and it was cold. They could no longer take their daily walks. When spring came the next year and they saw the ducks, the mother thought she heard the baby say “God.”

The little boy and his mom enjoyed traveling together. They logged many miles each month in their car. A tradition began as they traveled together. Each time his Mom saw or heard an ambulance, she would pray out loud asking God to be with the people who needed help, as well as the helpers. After the boy learned to talk, he began to ask God these same things whenever he saw or heard an emergency vehicle.

They came to have a favorite saying. It was, “Worry about nothing, pray about everything.” They lived the Bible thought, God hears our prayers (see 1 John 5:14).

Praying is normal and natural, like breathing. Talking with God can be done aloud or privately. It helps us prepare to listen to God. It helps us recognize God at work in the world around us.

A good time to pray is anytime and a good place to pray is anywhere. We get to communicate with God and He wants to communicate with us! He truly is our best friend.

A pastor once said in a sermon, “Prayer is good, but action is required.” God loves us, cares about us, and knows us by name. He wants us to communicate with Him and He communicates with us. He also wants us to put our feet to our prayers.

We talk with God about our concerns and He talks with us or shows us what He is doing. Sometimes, we leave it there. The challenge comes when we decide to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

As we take steps to follow Jesus, He may lead us to action. It can be scary, but we do not have to lead, we just have to follow. He is leading us every step of the way.

Just like praying, following Jesus is normal and natural.

Thank You, God, that You love us, care about us, and know us by name. Help me to talk with You and listen to You. Help me to follow as You lead. I love You. Amen.


Wendy Dever is the preschool editor for national WMU.

Image by Simaah from Pixabay


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