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Rager Family

Mission Friends is an ongoing missions discipleship organization for preschool boys and girls (birth through kindergarten). Through Mission Friends, preschoolers . . .

  • become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love
  • move from a focus on self to a focus on others
  • apply Bible thoughts to their lives as they learn to pray, give, and help others.
  • and their families learn of ways to give their time, talents, and money

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Missions Focus January 2019

Missions Area: Indianapolis | Concept Area: Family | Missionaries: Barry and Amy Rager

5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. The Ragers have four children: Yonas (who was adopted from Ethiopia), Titus, and twins Fable and Justus.

  2. The Ragers enjoy hiking and traveling to places they’ve never been before.

  3. The Ragers attended a big conference hosted by the Southern Baptist Convention. It was there they decided to be church planters in Indianapolis.

  4. The Ragers started a special ministry for kids 1 year ago. These kids often make cookies to give out to friends, and then they invite them to church.

  5. The Ragers don’t always meet in a church building. Sometimes they meet together in one family’s home.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the Ragers’ friends, Melissa, Ronald, and Mike, would become followers of Jesus.

  • Pray for the families that the Ragers work with in Indianapolis.

  • Pray that New Circle Church would continue to grow in its love for Christ, care for one another in gospel-centered community, and live out the Great Commission.

  • Pray that many people would hear the gospel through the influence of the Rager children at their schools.

  • Pray that Mr. and Mrs. Rager would share Jesus with the people that they interact with on a daily basis.



Mr. Rager teaching Mr. Rager enjoys teaching people in Indianapolis about Jesus.
New Circle Church service

New Circle Church rents their meeting place from another church.

Sharing snow cones

Mr. Rager and New Circle Church give out snow cones as a way to meet people in the neighborhood.




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Missions Area: Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is the largest city and the capital of Indiana. Less than half of the people who live there go to church. With more than 2 million people spread over 360 square miles, the city isn’t as densely populated as some of the larger cities in America.

Additional information and activities are in Winter Mission Friends Leader, pages 26–45, the January leaflet of Winter Mission Friends at Home, and First Steps in Missions, vol. 24, pages 36–43. Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide 2018–19 has planning helps.


Families on Mission Calendars 2018–19

Preschoolers and their families learn about missionaries and pray for them, help others, and learn some Bible thoughts together on page 4 of each month's leaflet of Mission Friends at Home.  Ask your child's Mission Friends teacher for a copy.


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