Preschool Monthly Focus

July 2020 Focus

Missions Area: Japan

Concept Area: Jesus

Missionaries: Ryan and Kelley Day


5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. Ryan and Kelley Day are church planters in Nagoya, Japan, where they live with their four children: Selah (age 9), Keiji (age 5), Milla (age 2), and Kian (age 1).

  2. The Days and their team started a new church, Oasis Fellowship, in 2015.

  3. Mr. Day participates in sports competitions, and Mrs. Day enjoys aerobics classes. The Days meet many people through these interests.

  4. Selah enjoys dance and playing the piano. Keiji especially likes cars and trains. Milla and Kian enjoy playing outside.

  5. The Days like to invite friends into their home for dinner and to get to know them better.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Oasis Fellowship church will continue reaching out to people who don’t know Jesus.
  • Pray that Christians in Japan will continue to grow in their faith and their knowledge of Jesus.
  • Pray for the Day children as they attend school in Japan.
  • Pray that people will be interested in talking with the Days about God.

Missions Area: Japan

Japan is a group of islands that is home to 126 million people. There are more people in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, than in the whole country of Canada.

Nagoya, where the Days live, is the third largest city in Japan, with 9 million people. Nagoya has much ancient history, and people travel from around the world to see very old castles that are there.


Additional information and activities are in Summer Mission Friends Leader, pages 24–44, and First Steps in Missions, vol. 25, pages 74–96. Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide 2019–20 has planning helps.

News Flash: Day Family Update

Ryan and Kelley Day, together with their children, Selah, Keiji, Milla, and Kian, now live and serve in Maebashi, Japan.

The Days are church planters who work on a team with other missionaries to share the Gospel, help Japanese disciples grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and plant churches.

  • Pray for the small group of about 10 Japanese children who meet to learn more about Jesus.
  • Pray for their families to want to learn about Jesus.
  • Pray for the Japanese children as they spend long hours studying and much time alone as parents are away from home.

Olympic Games Update:

After the Summer Mission Friends Leader went to press, we learned that the 2020 Summer Olympic Games would be postponed until 2021. You can continue to talk about athletes and visitors going to Japan for the Olympics, but just tell preschoolers that the Olympic Games will be next summer. Learning about and praying for the Olympic Games and opportunities to help others who attend the games is still a perfect activity for preschoolers, and prayer is always welcome.

by Nell Branum






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