Linking with Parents

Preschoolers playing instruments

Connect with the parents of your Mission Friends by periodically asking parents to volunteer in your Mission Friends classroom. This gives parents the opportunity to be involved in what their preschoolers are learning at church. Most parents would jump at the chance to help. They may simply need to know what they can do.

Ask a parent to do a specific task. This may be an activity they do one time or on an on-going basis. For example, you could ask a parent to plan and lead the Helping Others activity for one month or lead these activities each month on an on-going basis. As you ask parents, don’t forget the dads! Men enjoy being involved with their preschoolers too.


During Mission Friends Sessions

Parents can help during a session in the following ways.

  • Prepare a food from the missions area.
  • Lead an art activity.
  • Play an active game with preschoolers.
  • Provide a snack.
  • Play an instrument.
  • Make a reading nook and read to preschoolers.
  • Tell the Group Time story.
  • Plan a Helping Others activity.
  • Greet preschoolers at the beginning of the sessions.
  • Do a science experiment in the Nature area.
  • For a class with blended ages, walk with a baby or toddler during Group Time for older preschoolers.


Outside of Session Times

A parent may not be able to help during a Mission Friends session. Involve them at other times with these ideas.

  • Prepare items from the Mission Friends Leader Kit. Laminate or cover items, cut items out, and file items by month for you to use in Mission Friends sessions.
  • Make a bulletin board in your classroom. See suggestions for each month in First Steps in Missions, vol. 25.
  • Check out books related to the unit from the library.
  • Cut out shapes or patterns to use for artwork.
  • Write a Bible thought or missionary prayer request on papers to use for artwork in a session of Mission Friends.

Involving parents is a help to you, and has the added benefit of keeping parents invested in their preschoolers’ spiritual development. Parents will learn more about what their preschoolers are learning in Mission Friends. This will help families to grow in missions together.


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