Ideas for a Fifth Session of Mission Friends

Mission Friends Leader

Sometimes you just need more to do with Mission Friends. It might be that you meet 5 times a month and there are only 4 sessions in Mission Friends Leader, what do you do?


For Interest Areas:

Use the Extra Activities on pages 23 and 24 of Summer Mission Friends Leader.

See pages 74–81 in First Steps in Missions, vol. 24, for additional activities and information about South Asia.

Preschoolers can role-play some of the ministry activities mentioned in the unit.

Look in the other age groups in Mission Friends Leader for activities your preschoolers might enjoy.

Discuss the Summer Mission Friends Leader Kit Pictures 1–4 in more detail. Talk about the people and places. What is happening in each picture?

Reuse Summer Mission Friends Leader Kit items preschoolers particularly enjoyed. If you have more than 1 age group, you might swap kit items to use in the fifth session.


For Group Time:

Invite someone who has been to South Asia, to share experiences and photographs appropriate for preschoolers.

Repeat a Group Time activity and story from the sessions in Mission Friends Leader.

Have preschoolers use puppets to act out a story, or give them the opportunity to dramatize one of the stories.


We hope this helps meet your needs for a fifth session.

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