Ideas for a Fifth Session of Mission Friends

extra activities

Sometimes you just need more to do with Mission Friends. It might be that you meet 5 times a month and there are only 4 sessions in Mission Friends Leader, what do you do?


For Interest Areas:

  • Use the Extra Activities on pages 23 and 24 of Spring Mission Friends Leader.

  • See pages 51–57 in First Steps in Missions, vol. 24, for additional activities and information about Portland, Oregon.

  • Preschoolers can role-play some of the ministry activities mentioned in the unit.

  • Look in the other age groups in Mission Friends Leader for activities your preschoolers might enjoy.

  • Discuss the Spring Mission Friends Leader Kit Pictures 1–4 in more detail. Talk about the people and places. What is happening in each picture?

  • Reuse Spring Mission Friends Leader Kit items preschoolers particularly enjoyed. If you have more than 1 age group, you might swap kit items to use in the fifth session.


For Group Time:

  • Invite someone who has been to Portland, Oregon, to share experiences and photographs appropriate for preschoolers.

  • Repeat a Group Time activity and story from the sessions in Mission Friends Leader.

  • Have preschoolers use puppets to act out a story, or give them the opportunity to dramatize one of the stories.

We hope this helps meet your needs for a fifth session.

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