Security Measures

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Preschoolers thrive and learn better in an environment in which they feel safe and secure. In the climate of the world in which we now live, churches must take extra precautions to make sure that preschoolers are secure when they are in the church’s care. These are important security issues to consider in protecting preschoolers.

Supervision of Preschoolers

  • Provide at least 2 adults in a classroom, even for only 1 child. The 2 adults should not be spouses. The policy of having 2 adults is not only an abuse prevention measure, but is also important in case of an emergency.

  • Volunteers must be active church members for at least 6 months before serving with preschoolers.

  • Conduct background checks on all persons who have contact with preschoolers. Follow the guidelines of the church’s insurance company for screening and background checks for all preschool leaders, whether volunteers or paid personnel.

  • Preschoolers must be supervised at all times. Sometimes transitions between teaching times are challenging, such as from Sunday School to worship care or between preschool choir and Mission Friends. Make sure preschoolers are adequately supervised during those times also.

  • Set up the classroom space so preschoolers can be seen in all areas of the room.


Teacher to Child Ratio

The quality of care for preschoolers is directly related to the ratio of adults to preschoolers. A lower teacher/child ratio gives opportunities for greater quality care. With a lower ratio, there is more interaction between teachers and preschoolers. Individual needs of preschoolers are more easily met. The following teacher to child ratios are recommended.

  • Babies, ones, and twos: 1 adult to 3 preschoolers

  • Threes and fours: 1 adult to 5 preschoolers

  • Kindergartners: 1 adult to 6 preschoolers.

  • Follow your church guidelines if a lower teacher/child ratio is required.


Check In and Pick Up Plan

  • Follow the church’s procedures for parents to check in and pick up preschoolers. This may be a paper sign-in and sign-out list, a matching tag or bracelet system, or a computer sign-in/sign-out program.

  • Preschoolers may not be released to other persons without parental permission.


Make your church a safe and secure place by giving attention to these issues. Protecting our preschoolers allows us to nurture their growth and their faith as we make sure they are secure.

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