Promotion Day

Promotion Day Good Outcome

Promotion Day Story 1

First-grader Olivia walks down the church hallway, not really sure which room is the Girls in Action (GA) room. This is promotion day when she will go to GA for the first time. She hears children in the first room. When she steps in the doorway, she realizes the children are all boys so this must be the Royal Ambassadors (RA) classroom. Olivia continues down the hall to the next room. When she comes to the door, she sees 2 women with a group of girls. She thinks that she has seen 1 of the women at church before, but doesn’t know the woman’s name. A little unsure, she stands in the doorway for several seconds. She cannot see what the other girls are doing, so she just sits in a chair near the doorway. Some of the other girls look bigger than she is. Olivia decides to sit quietly, and in a few minutes one of the leaders notices her.

Promotion Day Story 2

Matt is a first-grader at another church. On his promotion day, he bounces down the hallway. An adult is in the hall, giving high fives to children and making sure they know where GA and RA meet. Matt knows how to get to the RA room, because last week his Mission Friends® leader brought the rising first-graders to see the RA and GA classrooms. He remembers this room because he sees the big, blue-and-white RA flag by the class door. When Matt steps in the RA room, Mr. Tommy greets him at the door and helps him make a name tag. Matt remembers when Mr. Tommy visited his Mission Friends class and showed them an RA racer. One of the older boys, Ryan, comes over. Ryan and Matt join a group of boys who have started a name game.

Two different stories which would probably have 2 different results. What are the things in each scenario that would make a child want to continue coming back to children’s missions? Moving from the preschool area to the children’s area at church is a big transition. Note some of the ways you can help your Kindergarten Mission Friends during this time of transition into children’s missions in your church.

  • Arrange to have a “tour” of the children’s classrooms before Promotion Day. Show the rising first-graders the rooms where GA, RA, or Children in Action (CA) meet. Show them the closest restrooms and any large group areas.

  • Invite the leaders of GA, RA, and CA to visit with your Mission Friends before they promote. Ask the leaders to introduce themselves and tell the children some of the things they will get to do in children’s missions.

  • Enlist parents to greet and guide children to the children’s missions classrooms on Promotion Day.

  • Identify the classrooms with the GA FlagRA Flag, or CA T-shirt so children can easily see the place to go. (Available from LifeWay at or 1-800-443-8032.)

  • Plan with the children’s missions leaders to pair each child who is promoting with an older child in the children’s missions organizations. This older “buddy” can help the younger child to feel welcome and become involved.

  • Provide a list of names and contact information of rising first-graders to the children’s missions leaders. They can then make contact with the family beforehand and prepare name tags for Promotion Day. 

A few simple steps can help Promotion Day go smoothly for your Mission Friends who are moving up to children’s missions. Begin thinking of ways you can guide Mission Friends through this big step for them. Make this transition to be a positive step in each child’s story.

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