By All Means

Linda Cooper

She is a petite woman who wears the cutest shoes, so how did she come to share about Jesus with a big rig truck driver? Linda Cooper, national WMU president, tells the most amazing stories about opportunities she has had in sharing the gospel with others. Once on a flight home from an overseas missions trip, a refugee family sat next to her on the plane. They were coming to the United States to be resettled. Though they spoke no English, by the end of the flight Linda had befriended them and they understood that she knew Jesus. Another time as she parked her car and started into the dental office where she works as a dental hygienist, she noticed a semi-truck was broken down in the parking lot. She spoke to the driver to offer help, though she did not know what she could possibly do to help out. Through their conversations that day, she shared the gospel with the driver and told him about Jesus’ love.

As I have heard Linda tell these and other stories of sharing the gospel with people, I am struck that each of these opportunities happened as she went about her day. None of these were planned witnessing encounters. Each opportunity happened as she engaged people in conversation while on the way to work or to watch grandkids at the ballpark. She kept her eyes open to the people around her. When she saw a need, she spoke to the person. Many times those conversations turned to Christ as Linda shared what He has done for her.

Jesus spoke the words that we know as part of the Great Commission, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). I have heard various speakers say that the word go in this verse means as you go. As we step into the world around us, we need to keep our eyes open to see the people God places in our path. When we see a need, we can speak to the person to offer help. Those conversations are opportunities to share Jesus’ love with others. It may be that as you run errands or as you sit with another mom at the T-ball field, that God will use you to tell what Jesus has done for you.

Pray: Father, Open my eyes to the people around me who need to hear about You. As I go about my days, help me to see the opportunities You give me to tell others of Your love. Especially as I teach Mission Friends, help me to be an example of Your love to the preschoolers I teach. Amen.

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