By All Means

By All Means

Listening is one of the skills that we try to teach preschoolers. We do all kinds of activities to help preschoolers develop their listening skills. We sing motion songs, clap rhythms, play listening games, and make rhythm instruments. Preschoolers listen to us as we tell stories, give instructions, or read books to them. We know that listening is important for preschoolers to learn as they grow and relate to others.

As much as we try to teach preschoolers about listening, it is a skill that we keep learning throughout our lifetime. As adults, we too must learn to listen in order to cultivate relationships with others. To get to know unbelievers so we can share our faith with them, we have to spend time listening. Think about the following two aspects about learning to listen.

First, learn to listen to God. From John 10:27, Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” As we listen to God, He will give us direction to follow as He leads our lives. Moses’ instructions to the Israelites are also instructions for us to follow, “Love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him” (Deut. 30:20). We listen to God as He speaks to us through Scripture as we study His Word. He also speaks to us in our times of communion with Him in prayer. In order to follow Him and hold fast to Him, we must listen to His voice.

Secondly, learn to listen to others. Do we really listen? Or are we too busy and focused on our own needs to listen to others? Listen for needs and for ways to share your faith. Listen to the other young mother you meet at the playground with your children or the unchurched parent who brings her preschooler to Mission Friends®. In teaching Mission Friends, listen to your preschoolers, and God will give you opportunities to say a Bible thought or tell about God’s love in your conversations with them. Give attention to others by fully listening. You will find that your relationships deepen as you listen to others.

Pray: Father, I admit it is sometimes hard for me to listen. I get caught up in my own activities and fail to listen to You or to the needs of others around me. Lead me to listen to Your voice and follow You. Deepen my relationships with others by helping me to listen.

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