About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.
(Acts 16:25, CSB)

Paul and Silas were falsely accused, beaten, and thrown into prison. In Acts 16:16-34, Luke recorded the miraculous events that transpired during the night as Paul and Silas sang praises to the Lord. An earthquake happened, the prisoners were loosed from their shackles, and the jailer and his family came to know the Lord. What a great account of the power of God!

Don’t overlook what happened in verse 25. As Paul and Silas prayed and sang, the other prisoners listened to them. God worked miraculously that night. He protected Paul and Silas, and He brought salvation to the jailer and his family. But he also impacted the lives of the other prisoners. We don’t know all the details of this story but we do know the other prisoners watched and listened.

What about you? What do others see and hear from you in times of trouble?

Dear Father, we pray for pastors and missionaries who feel shackled today. While their shackles may not be physical, they may be shackled by expectations, by the opinions of others, and by uncertainty. They may be shackled by financial burdens or illness or fear of the future. And, Father, we do know that even today there ARE many around the world who are physically imprisoned for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lord, whatever shackles these bold servants are experiencing, in the midst of their bondage please guide their steps, give them courage to pray and praise You, and help them testify of Your goodness. Ultimately, we ask You to break their chains and restore to them the promises of liberty found in the truth of Your Word. As pastors and missionaries model their faith in You even in the darkest days, we pray that others would see and hear and come to know You. We praise You today for Your goodness and mercy. Amen.

*Adapted from Prayer Patterns written by Brenda Harris for Missions Mosaic.

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