Be still and hear from the Father

We are living in unprecedented times for sure; times that can even seem chaotic occasionally. For instance, do YOU have toilet paper? Bowling Green, Kentucky seems to have none!

Fighting something we cannot see, like COVID-19, is difficult for us. We begin to feel out of control, so we buy things at the store hoping to be in control of something in our lives during chaotic times. Then while there, we see someone with something in their cart we hadn’t thought about purchasing and immediately think, oh, I must need that, too . . . and then we grab it. This causes a vicious cycle for patrons at the store leading to needed items, like toilet paper, to be nonexistent and shelves empty. Remaining calm is hard to do in these chaotic times, but we must.

We weren’t created for chaos. We were created for moments of quiet, times of stillness and times to just pause. God understands and knows of our desperate need for it. In Psalms 46:10 He encourages us to “Be still and know that I am God.” You know, on occasion, Jesus, Himself, chose to pause, quietly excusing Himself from the crowds and the chaos.

Before COVID-19, we were so very busy with all the busyness of life—sports events, games and practices, piano lessons, dance classes and recitals, school and homework, meetings of various kinds and on and on. Since we couldn’t or we wouldn’t slow down, maybe God is affording us a time of stillness and pause, creating opportunities for deliberate conversations with our friends and family that we never took the time to have before. A time of dedicated stillness that allows us to tune into what God might be saying to us, as He speaks truth, and imparts wisdom and calm into our lives.

I pray you will take advantage of this forced pause. Let’s stay in God’s Word and listen for that still small voice. Remember to pray for our nation, for one another, and for our missionaries. Take advantage of the opportunities we now have to share where we, as believers, find our peace. The peace we find in Christ is difficult for unbelievers to understand. This could create spiritual conversations that have been difficult to have before.

Yes, let’s take advantage of this forced pause. Look around you. Are there neighbors who might need a phone call, someone to pick up their needed medicine, a roll of toilet paper . . . or just someone to simply pray with them.

Be still. Enjoy quiet. Hear from the Father. Take a look at your life. Is it full of busyness and chaos? Remember, we weren’t created for chaos. Quiet time spent alone with the Father is our only assurance of real peace.

Go right now and open your Bible. Listen to the Father . . . He will meet you there, On the Journey.

Written by Linda Cooper, national WMU president

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