Personal Testimonies of BNF Nurses

Hear how BNF has changed the lives of nurses:

“As a former missionary nurse, I learned about BNF when I returned to the states. Georgia WMU asked me to serve as the camp nurse at a GA/Acteens camp, where I learned about and became a member of BNF. Georgia BNF taught me new ways to use my nursing skills and about the national BNF organization. 

“As a Christian professional nurses organization, BNF has made an impact on the lives of many nurses, and I pray the future brings even greater possibilities for nurses to serve in missions at home and around the world!”
—Wanda S. Lee

"I am not sure how I first learned of BNF, but I became a member about 20 years ago. Since that time, I have participated in various ministries, including screenings of state fair workers, first-aid stations for events, several missions trips, and a blessing of the hands ceremony. I am thankful for the rich heritage and persistent pioneers of BNF. May the faithful legacy of love, compassion, and dedication of service in Jesus’ name live on until He comes!”
—Deborah Kelly

“I am a BNF nurse that works at a crisis pregnancy and medical clinic. We were in need of a program focused on baby care for our young first-time moms. I had searched but to no avail. One afternoon as I was getting the mail, I happened to see on the cover of Missions Mosaic Kentucky BNF members with a “Baby Boot Camp” sign. This was five years ago, and I have been doing “Baby Boot Camp” since then. Kentucky BNF mailed a copy of its manual to me free of charge. BNF members are helping other BNF members from Kentucky to South Carolina. The next step for “Baby Boot Camp” is for South Carolina nurses to take it to another missions field. That’s a beautiful BNF story and also a WMU story!” —Brenda Childers

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