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* WMU®
* Woman's Missionary Union®
* Acteens®
* Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®
* BNF®
* Challengers®
* Christian Men's Job Corps®, CMJCSM
* Christian Women's Job Corps®, CWJC®
* Christmas in August®
* Families on Mission®
* GA®
* Girls in Action®
* Live a Praying Life®
* Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®
* Mission Friends®
* Missions for Life®
* New Hope®
* RA®
* Royal Ambassadors®
* Women on Mission®
* Acteens ActivatorsSM
* Acteens Activators AbroadSM
* Adults on MissionSM
* Baptist Nursing FellowshipSM
* BlumeSM
* Children in ActionSM (CASM)
* Children's Ministry DayTM (CMDTM)
* Christian Women's Leadership CenterTM (CWLCTM)
* FamilyfestSM
* GA JourneySM (when referring to individual achievement program)
* GA JourneyTM (when referring to the product line)
* International InitiativesSM
* International Point TeamsSM
* MissionsfestSM
* MissionsQuestSM (when referring to individual achievement program)
* MissionsQuestTM (when referring to the product line)
* Missions ExpeditionSM (when referring to individual achievement program)
* Missions ExpeditionTM (when referring to the product line)
* Project HELPSM
* Pure Water, Pure LoveSM
* RA TrekSM (when referring to individual achievement program)
* RA TrekTM (when referring to the product line)
* Support FreedomTM
* WorldCraftsSM
* Youth on MissionSM


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