Raising Support for your Missions Trip

Once costs are accounted for and a budget has been supplied to each team member, the team must begin to raise the necessary financial support.

As a group, the team can be involved in:

  • Service projects such as car washes and service auctions
  • A good way to involve the church is to hold a dinner centered on the ministry location, serving food common to the area and dressing in traditional dress.
  • Other successful fund-raising activities include garage sales and bake sales

As an individual, you can seek speaking engagements and write letters to churches, personal friends, and professional contacts, allowing you to seek financial support and gain prayer support.

  • Share your heart about the trip God is leading you on; where you're going, why you're going, what you are praying to see happen
  • Ask individuals to serve as prayer partners for you
  • Request small donations
  • Be sure to put everyone on an email or mailing list to keep them involved and informed

Once you return, make contact with each person, thanking them and providing them with pictures and a testimony of how their support made a difference in the lives of the people to whom you ministered.

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