International Mission Study: Russia

International Mission Study Russia


The mention of Russia may conjure up images of Romanov royalty, cultural icons such as Mikhail Baryshnikov and Dostoyevsky, or maybe a parade of dictators like Stalin, Lenin, or Khrushchev. What probably doesn't come to mind is Muslims.

However, Muslims are actually one of the indigenous peoples of Russia, their roots lying deep in the isolated villages of the Caucasus region, the mountain range separating Europe and Asia.

But besides those indigenous people, there has been a rebirth of Muslim influence in Russian cities in the past 25 years, as the crumbling of the Berlin Wall changed the relationship between Russia and the Central Asian republics. Now migrant workers from the South come in unprecedented numbers to work in the large cites. In fact, Moscow's Muslim population has grown from 1 million to 2.5 million in the last few years, making it the largest Muslim city in Europe.

The transitory life of the migrant has proven to be fertile soil for the hope of the gospel, making this time in history a remarkable opportunity to share Christ. Christian workers are developing methods to come alongside the Muslims of Russia to give them a hope and a future. 

Learn how God is at work bringing Muslims to Himself in the International Mission Study 2017. Peek into the life behind the veil of Islam in Europe and be challenged to develop your own strategies to share Christ with the Muslims around you. 


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