International Mission Study: Refugees


Each day, more than 28,000 people are forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. Christ followers want to get involved – to help and support refugees – but what can we do? 

International Mission Study: Refugees will:

  • challenge you to examine your own attitudes about refugees to ensure that your thoughts and feelings are in line with God’s Word.
  • inspire you to share with your family, friends and faith community the truth of God’s unshakable pursuit of the eternal souls of each refugee.
  • break your heart over the plight of the refugees, leading you to solemn prayer for every refugee and for an end to this crisis.
  • encourage you to get involved in giving and going into the world to become personally involved in caring for these, the least among us.


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IMS: Refugees Resources for Children

International Mission Study Children’s Teaching Guide: Refugees
International Mission Study Children’s Booklet: Refugees
Extra Materials

IMS: Refugees Resources for Adults and Students

International Mission Study Teaching Guide for Adults & Students
Missions Traveler: Refugees
Extra Materials


IMS Promotion Kit: Refugees

Promote your International Mission Study with these colorful posters and flyers. Use the planning tips to create a learning experience that will mobilize your church to pray for and get involved with the international refugee crisis. Buy now >>

Seeking Refuge: a Refugee Simulation

Seeking Refuge: A Refugee Simulation provides participants a glimpse into some of the difficult decisions and struggles refugees face as they’re forced to leave behind their homes and entire way of life. Buy now >>

For the Preschool International Mission Study, preschool teachers will use activities and stories in the December unit in the December-January-February 2018–19 issue of Mission Friends Leader.




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