How BNF Supports Nurses

Baptist Nursing Fellowship focuses on ministering to health-care professionals by supporting them professionally, spiritually, and missionally. It purposes to develop in its members a missional lifestyle—one that combines the medical field with the missions field. BNF® accomplishes these goals by equipping health-care professionals, providing them with prayer support, supplying them with resources for ministry, connecting them with other professionals, and sending them across the country and around the world.

Equipping—BNF equips its members by offering continuing education units at annual meetings. It is working to provide online CEUs in the near future.

Praying—BNF encourages prayer among members by providing a prayer calendar based on members’ birthdays. Through social media and other electronic resources, it brings together members to pray for a specific focus. Prayers often focus specifically on nurses serving in full-time missions.

Supplying—The BNF Web site contains ideas and resources of how to use a medical skill set to further God’s kingdom. It also gives resources professionals can use to start up or continue ministering in their communities and around the world.

Connecting—There is no doubt the medical field is sometimes skeptical toward faith. BNF endeavors to draw health-care professionals together to encourage one other and spur one another on in their respective fields. It provides fellowship for men and women with the same passion and gifts.

Sending—Above all, BNF desires to carry out the Great Commission by sending health-care professionals to care for the sick and spread the gospel. BNF realizes the medical platform allows nurses to go into places where spreading the gospel is difficult. By using their God-given skills, nurses are able to imitate Jesus’ ministry by serving people both physically and spiritually.

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