Focus on the What, Why and How of WMU

When people in your church hear the name WMU, what springs to their minds? Is it little old ladies gathering to pray once a month?

Or maybe they don’t really know what those women do at WMU meetings.

Focus on WMU is an opportunity to remind your church of—or introduce your church to—the what, why, and how of WMU.


The What of WMU

WMU makes disciples of Jesus who live on mission. Those disciples can be women, men, girls, and boys.


The Why of WMU

Five values and beliefs drive WMU to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission:

  1. Biblically rooted: Scripture guides us in knowing God, His ways, His character, His mission, His redemptive acts, and His purpose for the church.
  2. Missions focused: Jesus commissioned His disciples to proclaim the good news, disciple people of all nations, and teach them to live out the truths He taught.
  3. Church based: Jesus gave the church authority to act on His behalf. Teaching all ages prepares the church to fulfill His mission.
  4. World aware: God is always at work among all peoples, and we join Him where we discern He is calling us.
  5. Denominationally supportive: No one church can do alone what many churches can do together. Our voluntary cooperation extends the missions reach of a local church.

The How of WMU

WMU makes disciples of Jesus who live on mission as they

  • learn about missions. Whether as a church body, in age-level organizations, or as a family, learning about missions helps these disciples better understand what God says about making His name known throughout the earth.
  • pray for missions. Missionaries and the lost inhabit the prayers of these disciples on a daily basis.
  • give to missions. As these disciples learn how God is at work around the world, they give to offerings for international and North American missions and global hunger and through the Cooperative Program, the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) unified plan of giving.
  • serve in missions. The teachings and actions of Jesus show that the Christian faith is not stagnant but active and participatory. Disciples share the gospel in word and deed through missions projects that relate to what they are learning.


Focus on WMU

Schedule a meeting with your pastor or church staff to discuss when and how you will observe Focus on WMU.

According to the SBC’s 2019 calendar, Focus on WMU is February 11–17 and Children’s Missions Day (CMD) is February 16. But any time is a good time to celebrate what WMU means to your church and get children in your church involved in hands-on ministry in your community.

Consider planning a recognition service for Focus on WMU. Visit our Focus on WMU web page to find all the resources you need to promote and plan the event, including a media toolkit with music, video, posters, flyers, and a bulletin insert. Use WMU’s current emphasis, Unshakable Pursuit, as a theme.

And find other resources to use throughout the week and beyond to demonstrate the value of WMU in your church.


Kathleen Penton is an assistant editor with WMU.


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