Day 8 - Together for the Kingdom

Day 8 Week of Prayer

When Philip preached in Samaria, crowds of people saw God’s power and believed in Jesus. Lives were changed because Philip was obedient. Later in Acts 8, Philip had a divine encounter with an Ethiopian eunuch and another life was changed because of Philip’s obedience to God’s call to go.

Like millions of people across North America, the eunuch had knowledge of the Scripture but no understanding. When Philip explained the good news of Jesus, the eunuch believed and was baptized. He returned to his homeland full of joy, the bearer of a life-changing message.

Imagine what will happen when Southern Baptists across North America—everyday people like you and me—obey the call to pray, give, and go. When we work together and embrace the missionary call to bear that same life-changing message of the gospel to communities and cities across North America, lives are changed and joy results.

As we conclude this Week of Prayer for North American Missions, pray fervently for our North American missionaries and churches to work together for God’s kingdom (Rom. 15:5–6). Challenge yourself, your family, and your church to give generously to support our missionaries in North America through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (2 Cor. 9:6–7). Finally, put feet to your prayers, and go intentionally as a missionary to the community where God has planted you (Matt. 28:19).

Amazing things will happen when we work “together for His kingdom.”


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