myMISSION Leaders

myMISSION Leaders

Each myMISSION group needs leaders! Leaders help plan and accomplish important tasks. Each group needs leadership, and if there is more than one group, then a myMISSION coordinator is needed.

The best leaders involve everyone in the group’s missions experiences. The needs of the group and the gifts and skills of members help determine leadership roles. 

Specific responsibilities of a group leader include: 

  • leading group participants to set goals and action plans for accomplishing the group’s purpose and providing missions experiences.
  • enlisting new members and participants.
  • nurturing myMISSION group members.
  • providing resources for the group.
  • guiding the group in planning and conducting missions experiences.
  • encouraging members to stay in touch with each other.
  • guiding members in developing their leadership potential.
  • maintaining records and reporting accomplishments.
  • serving on the myMISSION planning team (if there is more than one group) or WMU leadership team (if there is only one group).

Find helpful information for leading your group below.


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Leader Resources

By encouraging missions education for young women, WMU meets and anticipates the ever-changing needs of your missions efforts. With a comprehensive focus, this guide is essential for missions leaders who are serious about leading myMISSION.

myMISSION Guide for Leaders

Purchase your own copy of the myMISSION Guide for Leaders. This guide has a comprehensive missions focus and is essential for myMISSION leaders!

Print version (W124103) - $5.99 plus s&h

Download version (E124121) - $4.99

myMISSION Leader - Summer 2017

Now women of all ages can use Missions Mosaic as their guide for learning about missions with the release of new downloadable quarterly guides titled myMISSION Leader. This resource has been designed especially for younger women and fashioned around the categories of faith, community, and missions. This leader guide helps myMISSION leaders take relevant articles in Missions Mosaic and Bible studies in He Said What?! and apply them to the lives of younger women in small groups.

Features of this new product include: three meeting plans per month--faith, community, missions, campus adaptations, missions project ideas, and missionary prayer prompts.

Purchase and Download Immediately! Price: $3.99



The WMU missions organization for young women is myMISSION. Through myMISSION, young women engage in Bible study, the building of community, and various missions projects.

Anyone can be a part of myMISSION. It’s for the college student, the young professional, the young mom, and the girl next door. This organization is an avenue through which young women can explore their faith together and learn to live it out wherever they are. In addition, myMISSION encourages young women to learn about their world and missions. Most importantly, myMISSION calls young women to live fully in their circumstances and develop a missional lifestyle that engages the people around them.


Tips for Leaders

  • Attend leader training. Even if you are an experienced leader, information about emphases and activities for the current year will be helpful. A review of the basics can often prompt new ideas. Leader training may be available through your association, state WMU, or online. Participation in a training event prior to planning for the year will help you prepare, gather resources, and equip you with information and ideas for more effective young women’s work in your church.
  • Recycle great ideas. Talk with women’s leaders from other churches and learn from them.
  • Add pizzazz. Start something new. Remember there is a connection between quality and quantity. Better quality events leads to greater missions involvement. Balance new ideas with continuity. Add a spark to the familiar!
  • Focus on the positive. Spread the word on what you are doing. Take pictures, make reports, invite people to participate, and then have reports on what happened.
  • Celebrate steps taken. Cheer for folks who do missions. Cheer for children and youth and their missions involvement. Cheer for missions offerings given. Cheer for mission action and the impact on lost people.


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