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August 2017 Extra Options


August Bible Study: By All Means Ministries

Have a volunteer read 1 Corinthians 9:19–23. Explain: Modern Christians continue following Paul’s example of reaching others “by all means.”

Guide your Acteens to research some of the various ministries which believers use to relate to people and touch the lost or hurting in unique ways. Find ministry websites or articles about people involved in ministry.

Make a list of ministries which your group wishes to search in advance. Possible search terms include: Baptist Collegiate Ministry; motorcycle ministry; quilting ministry; basketball ministry; dance ministry; ministry to internationals; cancer care ministry.

Divide your Acteens into teams and have each team research a specific type of ministry and share what they learned with the group before your discussion. Or do your searches as a group and discuss the ministries as you go. Let your Acteens get creative about what ministries to search. You may also choose to narrow your search by adding the name of your city or state. You may discover a local ministry you didn’t know about before!

Discuss with your Acteens how each ministry shows God’s love to others by all means. Who might be reached by that ministry who would not attend a typical church? What kind of needs is the ministry meeting? What specific challenges might exist for that type of ministry? How is the ministry sharing the gospel?


August Spiritual Growth: Spiritual Habits Reminders

Work with your Acteens to develop spiritual disciplines throughout the school year. Begin by helping girls understand what spiritual disciplines are, and discuss how including these disciplines in their lives will result in a deeper, more mature faith.

Guide Acteens to research spiritual disciplines online such as prayer, Bible study, worship, and service. Begin by explaining what spiritual disciplines are. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript of “What Are Spiritual Disciplines” for helpful information. You may choose to share this podcast with your Acteens.

Talk about how spiritual disciplines become spiritual habits. Let girls research how to form good habits. Spiritual habits are formed in the same way, through consistent practice over an extended period of time.

Challenge each Acteen to make a list of one to three spiritual disciplines she would like to turn into habits this year. Guide your Acteens to form a plan for when and how to implement these into their daily lives. Encourage girls to start small and build up slowly. For example, instead of setting a goal to “study the Bible for 30 minutes a day,” guide girls to break it into smaller steps like “study the Bible for 5 minutes,” then 10, 15, and so on. Girls should plan to practice the smaller goal for at least 3 weeks before moving to the next goal. Habits take time and effort to form.

After Acteens have created a plan for forming spiritual habits this year, guide them to create periodic online reminders for themselves to keep them on track. Each reminder may be a short note to remind them to keep up the good work, stay focused, or move on to the next goal. Notifications could be scheduled in a phone or computer calendar app. Facebook posts can also be scheduled up to six months in advance. Schedule your own reminders to pray for your Acteens as they develop these spiritual habits.


August Missions Focus: Compare and Contrast Church Websites

Guide your Acteens to visit Oak Tree Church, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and Southwinds Church, Calgary, Alberta. You may choose to look at both websites together, or split into two teams. Take time to look for the church mission statement, affiliations, ministries, special events, and visitor information.

Make a list of the key features of each website. Ask Acteens to describe how the website looks, how easy it easy to find information, and what the most prominent message of the church appears to be.

Guide girls to look at your church website or that of another church in your community. Look for the same features as the previous sites. Discuss the similarities and differences between all the church websites you have explored.

Discuss as a group how a good church website can be a powerful ministry tool. Which web features are most helpful to outsiders, guests, and seekers? Which features are most helpful to church members? Discuss the pros and cons of having and maintaining a website.

Note: If your church does not have a website, or does not currently have someone to regularly maintain it, consider challenging one or more of your Acteens to take on this role. Put interested girls in touch with the church pastor or web administrator to volunteer to create and/or maintain a website that provides helpful information to guests and church members alike. 

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