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March 2017 Extra Options


March Bible Study: Reaching the Unreached, Then and Now

When Jesus ascended into heaven, He left His disciples responsible for taking the gospel to Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Today, the Global Research Department of the International Mission Board tracks unreached, unengaged people groups to help modern missionaries reach every nation, tribe, people, and language (Rev. 7:9).

Guide your Acteens to search the online resources available from the Global Research Department. Use the statics and maps available here to create a presentation to share. Be sure to include all girls in the research process and in the decisions about what to include in the presentation.

Include information about the early church and the missionary journeys of Paul in your presentation. You can find this information on various websites.

Arrange for your Acteens group to share their presentation with one or more missions groups in your church. Have your girls share their research and answer questions to the best of their ability.

Have girls lead a prayertime at the end of the presentation. Pray for more laborers and continued fruitfulness on the missions field.



March Spiritual Growth: Easter Videos

Guide your Acteens to search for online videos related to Christ’s death and resurrection. One good place to begin is here. Select two or more videos to watch with your Acteens.

After you have watched the videos, discuss how these videos help communicate the gospel in this generation. How do people relate to videos differently than written words? What truths were conveyed in the videos? What was left out? What can be communicated through the words of Scripture that is hard to put into a video?

Challenge your Acteens to come up with their own idea for a gospel video that they can share on your church social media page and on the National Acteens Facebook page.

You may also choose one or more of the online videos you found and challenge your girls to share it on their personal social media page or in private message to a non-Christian friend.



March Missions Focus: Witnessing with the Bridge

Quick Links

“The Bridge to Life” by The Navigators

Learn to use the Bridge presentation



March Missions Focus: Baptist Campus Ministry in Your State

Guide your Acteens to research Baptist campus/collegiate ministry in your state. Have girls use their personal web-enabled devices or take turns navigating on a single device.

Begin by allowing girls to explore BCM Life. Have them research the various ministry areas, events, and resources available on the website. You may choose to assign a particular area to a small team of girls and have them report their findings to the large group.

Visit your state convention website to learn about how Baptist campus ministry works in your state. Have girls research one or more universities in your state to learn about Baptist life on campus. Look for answers to these questions:

  • How many Baptist Campus Ministries are in our state?
  • How many students are involved campus ministries?
  • What are ministers to college students called in our state?
  • How are campus ministries funded? How are they organized?
  • How does our state promote campus ministries and encourage church participation?

Talk about what girls learned about how Baptist campus ministry works in your state. Discuss ways your Acteens group and your church can support those who minister to college students.

Use the BCM Life Collegiate Ministry Directory to find contact information for campus ministers at universities across North America. Email a state or campus college minister with other questions.

As time allows, help your girls research Baptist ministries on the campuses of the universities they are interested in attending in the future.

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