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June 2017 Extra Options


June Bible Study: Jesus Befriends a Rich Man, Part 1

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“Jesus Spends Time with Sinners”


June Bible Study: A Needle and a Camel

Challenge Acteens to thread a needle. You will need a small gauge needle and thread.

Direct the girls to read Jesus’ teaching in Luke 18:24–25. Explain that Jesus used threading a needle as a word picture to understand the struggle of His rich friend to follow Him. Except instead of a thread, it’s a camel going through the needle’s eye.

Search the Internet for a list of the wealthiest people in the world. Choose one or two from that list with whom students are most familiar and research their religious beliefs. Help the Acteens understand that Jesus’ teaching on rich people applies to modern-day billionaires also.

Read Luke 18:26–27. Discuss what Jesus teaches about salvation. Discuss how it is difficult for people to accept that they cannot earn eternal life by doing good deeds, living a good life, or making a lot of money. Only God is good! Only God can do anything!

Ask: Why do you think it hard for people to accept that they can’t earn their salvation by their own means?

Read Luke 18:28–30. Point out that Jesus explains an important truth that His followers will be given more blessings in their earthly lives and their eternal lives. Discuss how this truth could have manifested in the life of the rich man. Perhaps he would have experienced an even greater wealth if he had followed Jesus’ instructions.

Pray together for the wealthy people you researched in this session. Pray that those who are not Christians would put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that those who are Christians will exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in their public and private lives.


June Spiritual Growth: Life Stories

Look up stories about people who suffer from PTSD or other traumatic stress conditions. Read them ahead of time to make sure the content is suitable for your Acteens. Suggestions include:

Share the stories you chose with your Acteens. Talk about any other examples of people close to them. For example, someone in your family, church, or community who has shared their experience. You may even wish to have them come and talk to the girls.

Help girls understand it is important to be sensitive to the needs of others because you never know what they are experiencing. Listening and understanding person to person is the best way to show support and love.


June Missions Focus: Southwinds Church Ministry

Click here to watch a video testimony from Darcy at Southwinds Church.

There is a little more to the story: Growing up, Darcy attended a Catholic school. But a teacher had told her something in the third grade that she remembered for a long time: Jesus did not love her because she was not baptized and was not attending a church. After that, Darcy never went to church again.

Discuss how a negative comment from a Christian can turn people away from seeking the Lord. It is important to know the truth from God’s Word. Direct students to search for Scriptures, on a Bible app or index, that tell the truth about Jesus and God’s love.

Point out that people, even Christians, say untruths about God, sometimes without meaning to. Looking to God’s Word and being able to find the truth is important.

Share more of Darcy’s story: Darcy saw information on Facebook about the book Holly Procita’s first life group would be studying. She thought the book would be interesting, and having recently had a little girl, she looked forward to some adult conversation. In the life group, Darcy asked questions and studied. She wanted to learn the truth about God. After six months, when she began to attend church, she also went on a women’s retreat. At the retreat, she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior! Darcy was baptized and continues to grow in her faith and relationship with Christ.

Discuss the benefits of being able to study and ask questions in a life group. Share about any Bible study group or small group in which you participate. Encourage Acteens to get involved in a family life group in some way or start their own.


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