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April 2017 Extra Options


April Bible Study: In Which Jesus Loves the Nations

Direct Acteens to look at a map of the world. You may also share with them a map of unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs), available here

Review the definitions of unreached people groups and unengaged people groups here

Ask volunteers to read Mark 11:15–17 and Isaiah 56:6–7.

Ask: What is God’s view of the nations that follow Him? How does it feel to know that God desires people from all nations to come to know and follow Him?

Emphasize the importance of praying for the lost in our world, both people in our sphere of influence and people all around the world.

Have each girl choose a UUPG on the People Groups website for which she will pray throughout the week. Encourage the girls to research the UUPGs they pick. Send them a text with a Scripture to inspire their prayer or a simple prayer direction.


April Spiritual Growth: Daily Prayer for Missions

Discuss with students how often they pray for missions.

Encourage Acteens to pray for missions in some way each day. Talk about making prayer for missions part of their daily routine, setting aside time each day.

Brainstorm some opportune times: in the car on the way to school or activities, at family mealtimes, during an exercise regimen, while doing a chore like washing dishes or tidying up.

Here are some resources that will guide you and remind you to pray:

Use the Missionary Prayer Calendar here to prayer for North American and international missionaries on their birthdays.

Follow @imb_pray on Twitter to get daily prayer needs for missionaries serving all around the world.

Subscribe to the NAMB PrayerConnect newsletter here to learn about missionaries and their prayer requests.


April Missions Focus: Quick Links

Watch this video of David and Regina White in Guatemala discussing their work. 

Share with Acteens stories and photos from David and Regina White’s blog

Explore the Baptist Global Response website with your Acteens. 



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