Preschool Missions Focus

Mr. and Mrs. Cardenas


Mission Friends is an ongoing missions discipleship organization for preschool boys and girls (birth through kindergarten). Through Mission Friends, preschoolers . . .

  • become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love
  • move from a focus on self to a focus on others
  • apply Bible thoughts to their lives as they learn to pray, give, and help others.
  • and their families learn of ways to give their time, talents, and money

Learn more about this month's missionary below.

Families on Mission Calendars 2016–17

Preschoolers and their families learn about missionaries and pray for them, help others, and learn some Bible thoughts together on page 4 of each month's leaflet of Mission Friends at Home.  Ask your child's Mission Friends teacher for a copy.


Missions Focus May 2017

Missions Area: Phoenix, Arizona | Concept Area: Church | Missionaries: Hernando and Alcira Cardenas

​5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. Pastor and Mrs. Cardenas knew each other as children growing up in Bogota, Colombia. Many years later, after moving to Arizona, they reconnected and were married.

  2. Pastor and Mrs. Cardenas have started a Spanish-speaking congregation at First Baptist Church, Chandler, Arizona.

  3. Pastor Cardenas also leads a Spanish worship service at the Pinal County Cowboy Church in Casa Grande, Arizona.

  4. Mrs. Cardenas works with the church’s women, leads children’s Sunday School, and keeps the church’s finances. She also works full time.

  5. Pastor Cardenas is especially known for being friendly.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Spanish-speaking people in Phoenix, especially those who are not interested in religion.

  • Pray for Pastor Cardenas’s health. He has had 9 surgeries on his back.

  • Pray for wisdom and strength for all of the family—Pastor and Mrs. Cardenas and their son, Wilson.

  • Pray that people who are attending the Spanish-speaking church at First Baptist, Chandler, and the Spanish-speaking cowboy church at Casa Grande will want to know more about Jesus.




Mr. Cardenas enjoys working with the children in Vacation Bible School at First Baptist, Chandler.

HC Preaching

Mr. Cardenas preaches in the Spanish-speaking congregation at First Baptist Church, Chandler, Arizona, and he leads a cowboy church in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Cardenas family

Mr. Cardenas and his family are grateful for your prayers.

























Missions Area: Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is Arizona’s beautiful capital, and one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Approximately 1.5 million people live in the city, with more than 4 million in the metropolitan area, known as “Valley of the Sun.” Its outstanding weather makes Phoenix a popular travel and retirement destination.

However, Phoenix has many spiritual needs, too. Millions of people need to know about Jesus. Pray for the people of the Phoenix area.


Additional information and activities are in Spring Mission Friends Leader, pages 45–64, the May leaflet of Spring Mission Friends at Home, and First Steps in Missions, vol. 22, pages 65–73. WMU Year Book 2016–2017 has planning helps.

by Nell Branum, Gardendale, AL

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