Internship Program

WMU’s internship program is designed to be a partnership with students and their respective college or university. Students receive academic credit in exchange for an internship that involves them in real-life work situations and provides them with educational experiences not obtainable in a classroom setting. 

All of our internships are unpaid in exchange for course credit. Students must be a junior or senior in college to qualify. Internships can be customized to fit the need of the intern. 

Possible Internship Opportunities   

Application Process

Students interested in an internship with WMU should send their resume, course requirements, and the dates that they are available to
For more information, please see our Internship Program Flyer

 See what former interns have to say ...

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here at the WMU as the multicultural publications intern. The WMU worked really well alongside my school in making sure my experience and time here would meet the requirements of my internship course as well as equipping me in how to be a successful employee. This allowed me to grow in my translation and writing skills while exploring other facets of the company that sparked my interests. Not only was I given purposeful assignments and projects, I was shown how that work impacted the bigger picture of WMU. 

—Kasey, Language & World Trade major

This internship with WMU has been the best experience of my college years. The work you do has purpose, and the hands-on involvement is infinitely valuable. My leaders assigned me to projects they knew I could do well, but also gave me projects to push me outside of my comfort zone and develop me as a writer and employee. I am walking away from this time with greater experience, greater confidence, and great thankfulness for the opportunities I’ve had through WMU. 

—Kaylee, English major

Interning at WMU has been a great experience because I was able to write for a project and receive intentional training about working in an office. I felt valued as an intern as I contributed to a new, yet unnamed product, supervised by Janet Erwin. From this internship, I feel confident to navigate any office setting and have gained valuable writing experience. 

—Lindsey, English major

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