Kentucky: Familyfest 2017

Familyfest is designed with families in mind. It is recommended for everyone age 6 or older, and is a perfect volunteer opportunity for families, youth groups, and more. Serve together to make a difference in a community this year!

What happens at Familyfest? Take a glimpse at the memories made during Familyfest Aurora 2016. During this trip, families from all over the U.S. shared God's love in Aurora, Colorado, by serving through Familyfest. We helped meet the needs of the community through construction, outreach, evangelism, acts of kindness, prayerwalking, and much more!

Familyfest 2017: Lebanon, Kentucky

Familyfest is a great opportunity for your family, church group, youth group, or friends to come together with others to share God's love with the community of Lebanon/Springfield Kentucky. National WMU works alongside the local association and church leaders to plan ministry opportunities and worship/devotion times.

  • Familyfest is a partnership between National WMU, Kentucky WMU, and Central Association of Kentucky Baptists.
  • Familyfest is for everyone ages 6-older.
  • For more information, including registration details, hotel information and transportation, click here

During Familyfest, you will have the opportunity to serve through several types of ministries:

  • Backyard Bible Club/VBS: WMU will provide curriculum needed for this minsitry. You will need to prepare materials and may need to provide supplies. 
  • Light Construction/Repairs: Provide construction expertise for churches and/or houses in the communities in which they serve. Projects could include: painting, yardwork, etc. (Both skilled and unskilled volunteers are needed.) 
  • Servant Ministries: This incorporates a wide variety of ministries. Examples include passing out bottles of water in a designated area, canvassing a community, providing free items from the sponsoring church/ministry, and participating in cleanup and beautification of public and private sites. 
  • Social Ministry: Providing ministries in the communities by working with homeless shelters, clothing closets, food pantries/banks, soup kitchens, community center ministries, tutoring for children, etc. 
  • Block Party: Share the love of Christ through games, food, and fun festivities. 
  • Praying: Pray on site with insight. Prayer is VITAL in all that we do.
  • Senior Adult Ministry: Serve the elderly in the communities through light construction/cleanup/yard work. 
  • Evangelism Ministries: Sharing the gospel with members of the community.
  • Health and Wellness Ministries: Through our partnership with Baptist Nursing Fellowship, there will be opportunities for health fairs at local community centers. Some activities will include blood pressure and glucose testing. 
  • Sports Camps: Coaching of sports activities, teaching a Bible study, and sharing the Gospel with students in the community. 

Familyfest 2017 schedule:

  • July 22—Registration and orientation (late afternoon)
  • July 23—Worship in local churches/afternoon missions projects
  • July 24-27—Ministry assignments
  • July 27—Closing celebration (evening) 

Still have questions? Find answers about registration, hotel information and much more here

On the fence still about registering for Familyfest 2017? Check out these testominies from past Familyfest trips:

Something to remember is that all ministries are important, even the ones not visible to the human eye. It's the relationships developed, and the difference you can make in a community or a single person. Be the change! 


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