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WMU resources engage people of all ages in learning about missions. 

In May 2013, children learned about homeless ministries in Baltimore, Maryland. And the weekly lessons quickly turned into a ministry project for the Children in Action (CA) at Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas, when a homeless woman named Delores began coming to the church. 

Steve Lasiter, Woodland Heights Baptist’s codirector of family and children’s ministry, said Delores made homelessness even more real to the children.

As CA members learned more about homeless ministries, they prayed for Delores and helped her as much as possible. The church later found out that she had suffered a stroke and been placed in a rehabilitation facility.

“As we wrapped up our study of São Paulo, Brazil, [in June 2013] and learned how some missionaries share Christ through graffiti art, our CA kids got busy encouraging and loving on Delores through their own graffiti,” Lasiter said.

He gave CA members blue bulletin board paper and encouraged them to draw pictures, write notes, and create “graffiti” to encourage Delores and remind her that Woodland Heights loves her. Their efforts decorated almost an entire wall in Delores’s room at the rehabilitation facility.

CA members learn valuable lessons through each week’s lessons, but participation in a ministry project like this one helps solidify their learning and create a desire to live missionally for Jesus. A simple effort to show love and encouragement to someone turned into a project that touched one woman’s life and won’t soon be forgotten by that group of CA members or their church family.

Long ago, Annie Armstrong, the first corresponding secretary (now executive director) of WMU, spoke of the importance of studying the missions field. She identified this as the driving force between studying God’s Word and how much we pray and give. It is good to consider her insights as we encourage others to pray for and give to missions.

Provide WMU resources in a high traffic area of your church and encourage members to view the resources. Arrange for a WMU leadership team member to be in the display area to answer any questions about the resources and the missions organizations and how to be involved.

And recognize those in your church who lead out in missions learning through WMU organizations.

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