Grow One by One

I’ll never forget my first invitation to be a part of my church’s Women on Mission group. I was a young mother at the time and remember picking up my daughter from the nursery one Sunday following the worship service. Once our family returned home and I was going through the diaper bag, I noticed a diaper in the bag that did not belong to my daughter. Someone had written on the diaper just as you would write out an invitation to a party or gathering. The invitation was to the Women on Mission meeting for the following night.

I had wanted to get involved with that group and having that very unique invitation was just what I needed. I became a part of that missions group and never looked back.

Even though it was not a “personal invitation,” it felt pretty personal to me. Please don’t hear me say you shouldn’t personally invite someone to join you; just keep in mind there are many ways in which to reach out to people of all ages to be a part of your missions groups. You want to reach them where they are and find out what is important to them. What is a part of their everyday lives? For me, it was diapers.

And yes, I used the diaper. You don’t think I would let a good diaper go to waste, do you?


Kristy Carr serves as ministry consultant for churchwide and associational leadership, national WMU.











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