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I remember so vividly my years as a GA. I enjoyed learning about missions, praying for missions, giving to missions, and doing missions. It was in Girls in Action that I learned about the Cooperative Program and how the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering support missionaries. GA was my window to the world.

As an adult, I knew the impact WMU missions organizations had had on my life and I so desired that my daughters would also have that biblical worldview. I became a GA leader before my daughters were in the first through sixth grade. It was such a joy seeing the gospel come to life for them as we learned about missions in GA.

Throughout GA and all the other WMU missions organizations, you will find the following 6 objectives in the curriculum and other resources:

  1. Pray for missions.
  2. Engage in mission action and witnessing.
  3. Learn about missions.
  4. Support missions.
  5. Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle.
  6. Participate in the work of the church and denomination.

The objectives are the practical expressions of being involved in the mission of God. Through the objectives, WMU promotes a biblical worldview for all ages that compels believers to be compassionate and active in their faith.

Since 1888, WMU has involved generations of Southern Baptists in learning about missions and discovering their responsibility and privilege of sharing the love of Christ. WMU promotes missional living through its age-level organizations and ministries as well as its fair-trade division, WorldCrafts.

Focal Points

Focus on WMU has 3 objectives:

  • Present WMU as an organization used to accomplish its part of the church’s work locally and globally.
  • Recognize the leaders and members of WMU (which includes all age-level organizations).
  • Express appreciation to the pastor, church staff, and leaders of WMU.

Some ideas for highlighting missions through WMU during February 12–18 may include the following:

  • Share specific stories from completed missions activities of how WMU is making an impact on your church’s missions vision and bringing glory to God.
  • Highlight how WMU members of all ages—preschoolers, children, students, and adults—are living out the unconditional love of Christ. Ask a representative from each age level to share.
  • Recognize children or students who have earned badges or patches or levels of achievement through GA Journey, RA Trek, Missions Expedition, or MissionsQuest.
  • Provide the pastor, church staff, and leaders of WMU each a thank-you card or banner signed by WMU members of all ages.

Children’s Missions Day

WMU created Children’s Missions Day (CMD, formerly Children’s Ministry Day) as an impetus to help children understand the needs of others; grow in their ability to serve others as Christ did; and positively impact the lives of other children, leaders, parents, and recipients of ministry with God’s love.

CMD is an annual initiative suggested for the Saturday of Focus on WMU week.

“Children who participate in Children’s Missions Day often realize we are all called to the Great Commission right in our own neighborhoods and communities, as well as around the world,” said Heather Keller, a children’s ministry consultant, national WMU. “Leaders who encourage children to reach out to the unchurched are helping to lay a missions foundation in a child’s life that will last his or her lifetime.”

Resources are available to help your church participate in CMD; visit for more information.

Growing Missions Discipleship

If you are looking for ways to expand missions discipleship and involvement in your church, then consider starting new missions organizations. Are all age levels in your church learning about and participating in missions? Do stay-at-home moms and professional women have a group they can attend? If not, the solution is as easy as 1–2–5 . . . that is, beginning at least 1 new organization, with 2 leaders and 5 members. Visit to download a free starter packet for any missions organization.

Also consider ways you can serve in your community and beyond. WMU provides plenty of ideas and opportunities for serving others and sharing the love of Christ daily in your community as well as around the world. Visit for more information.

Kristy Carr is affinity network manager and church and association ministry consultant, national WMU.

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