You Need Missions Leader

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You read that right. There is not an a missing in that statement. Of course, you need a missions leader (or leaders) in your church—and your leader needs Missions Leader.

Missions Leader is the annual WMU planning guide. Its 96 pages provide all the information you need to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

Plan Missions Discipleship

Missions Leader paints the big picture of what will be studied in missions discipleship through WMU groups for preschoolers, children, students, and adults. The Plan the Year section includes

  • the church year calendar,
  • information on the WMU emphasis,
  • a leadership retreat plan to help your leadership team with annual planning in the summer, and
  • curriculum charts with the monthly topic of study for WMU’s coordinated curriculum.

The charts allow you to see at a glance each group’s monthly theme, Scripture, and special emphasis, as well as the resources needed. No groups in your church? Check out plans for churchwide WMU on each month’s chart.

Each quarter’s planning section includes

  • a devotional related to the emphasis,
  • leadership team meeting plans for your quarterly planning meeting, and
  • creative ideas for learning about missions, praying for missions, supporting missions, and doing missions and telling about Jesus as you observe key dates on the calendar like Global Hunger Sunday, the weeks of prayer for international and North American missions, and Christmas in August.

Each quarter features unique leadership tips as well. Fall brings a reminder of the importance of keeping records and reporting to your church and others what God is doing through your church’s WMU. Winter spotlights missions growth and getting more people involved in missions. Spring offers a plan for a recognition service for children participating in groups and a guide to enlisting and training leaders. Summer is the time for evaluation so you can begin planning for next year.

In the Gather Resources section, discover the essential resources for churchwide missions, each age-level group, Spanish-speaking churches, and other language congregations. And don’t forget to check out Missions Leader’s exclusive digital content like posters and planning sheets. Look for the pin icon on articles throughout Missions Leader to find the web address.

Connect with Compassion Ministries

Missions Leader shows the opportunities to get involved in WMU’s life-changing compassion ministries. Poverty, human exploitation, vulnerable children, refugees, and humanitarian aid are addressed through Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps; Project HELP; Pure Water, Pure Love; WorldCrafts; and Baptist Nursing Fellowship.

In the Show Compassion section, learn the facts about each social issue, see how WMU is addressing it, and discover ways your church can pray for and support hurting people.

Focus on Leadership Development

Missions Leader provides direction for leadership development. As a leader, part of your task is to bring others along with you so there is no dip in effort or enthusiasm when the time comes for you to pass the torch of leadership.

In the Develop Leaders section, find articles tackling the basics of leadership like relationship skills and organization.

Do you see it now? You need Missions Leader for ideas and resources so your missions leader can lead missions in your church effectively.

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Kathleen Penton is an assistant editor with WMU and the editor of Missions Leader.

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