Communicating Effectively

My best friend and I don’t get to see each other often, but we make a point to regularly keep in touch either by phone, messaging, or lunches together. A card from her in my mailbox reminds me that I am important to her and that she is thinking about me.

Through my years as a WMU leader, I have found that consistent communication with my leadership team is just as important. When I visit a Mission Friends class as the teacher is setting up for the lesson that evening, we have the opportunity to share our hearts for those preschoolers and how we are reaching them. A snail mail card sent saying, “I appreciate you,” or a Facebook message lets my teachers know they are important to me and to the ministry of our church.

No one wants to feel forgotten or unappreciated. When we take our team members for granted, they soon feel left out or unimportant. Having regularly scheduled leadership team meetings is essential, but consistent communication between those meetings helps to keep me aware of the needs of my team and gives my team the opportunity to express concerns, share praises, and exchange ideas. And it is just plain fun to keep up to date on what is happening in each of our organizations and it gives me the opportunity to share with the church at large that our Mission Friends are having an art show to raise money for a missions offering or the Girls in Action are packing hospice buckets for Baptist Global Response.

Parents of those in our age-level organizations need to be kept up to date on what’s happening as well. Closed Facebook groups are an excellent way to keep parents informed of what is happening in their child’s missions group. Spending a few minutes talking with parents as they pick up their daughters from GAs in order to share what their daughter learned in our class that evening conveys that their daughter is important to me and what she is learning is valuable.

Whether it is communicating with my leadership team or those in our missions organizations or their parents, consistency is the key. That reminds me; I need to get in touch with one of my leaders.

Susan Bryant lives in Kentucky, where she lives out her passion for missions by serving as president, Kentucky WMU, and a trustee for the International Mission Board.

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